“Sister Wives” Where Are They Now? Janelle Celebrates Birthday Apart From Kody Brown And Family?

While TLC has yet to announce a new season for Sister Wives, Kody Brown and his family have been keeping unusually quiet and low-key. Could their silence be a way to hide what many fans have been asking all this time? Are Kody’s four wives now leading separate lives?

Janelle Brown, Kody’s second wife, recently celebrated her birthday last Saturday, May 6. While this would have been an occasion to bring the Brown family together, there was no sign of a celebration or a get-together. In fact, only Meri Brown greeted Janelle, and it was only done through a tweet.

It would seem that Meri is currently traveling solo–apart from her sister wives, husband Kody, and their combined 18 children. She has been active on social media promoting her solo fashion brand, LuLaRoe. Meri is currently on the road for a series of pop-up stores, enjoying the road trip on the side. Her latest photo on Twitter shows her with a girlfriend while driving to Dallas.

If Meri has LuLaRoe, Janelle is busy with a fitness and empowerment business program called Strive. She has also been on the road to promote her business.

Meanwhile, Kody’s two other wives Christine and Robyn Brown did not send a birthday greeting to Janelle. Christine is also on a trip, but not with Meri or Kody or any other sister wife. Based on her tweets, she is currently in Port Huron, Michigan, with daughter Ysabel. As for Robyn, she is the only sister wife to be posting photos with Kody. However, she has not been seen publicly corresponding with her other Sister Wives family members.

Kody Brown merely retweeted Meri’s greeting for Janelle but did not compose his own personal message for his second wife. It would seem that Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn now have their own businesses and activities. Does this confirm rumors of separation and trouble within the Brown family?

The Sister Wives family has been caught in a series of controversies, particularly regarding first wife Meri. Meri Brown shockingly confessed on the TLC reality show that she got involved with another person on the internet, only to find out that she has been duped. Meri is Kody’s first and original legal wife, but he divorced her when he married Robyn so he could legally adopt her children.

Meanwhile, Robyn has previously slammed divorce rumors as “fabricated.” According to The Hollywood Gossip, there were rumors circulating that Robyn was unhappy in her marriage and that Kody was reportedly mistreating her children. On top of it all, Kody was said to be in love with a new woman and was planning to add a fifth wife.

Amid all these controversies, there is certainly one good thing going on for the Browns. Their already big family is about to get bigger, with the soon to be addition of a baby. Maddie Brown-Brush, Janelle and Kody’s daughter, is currently pregnant with her first child and is due anytime this month. This would be the first grandkid for Kody and the whole Sister Wives family.

Maddie has been regularly sharing photos of her pregnancy on her social media accounts. She also posted a belated but heartfelt greeting for her mom Janelle, calling her an “amazing momma.”

“It’s a little late but Happy Birthday to my amazing momma! Here’s to the hard work you put in and the love you have and show for us! Grateful to have a mom as sweet as you!”

Maddie, 21, is married to Caleb Brush. On the tell-all episode of Sister Wives, Maddie and Caleb stated that they are not, and will not be, in a polygamous marriage. Kody and Janelle are supportive of the young couple’s decision.

Do you think the Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn are now estranged from Kody Brown? Share your comments below!

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