Small thing Meghan Markle will carry on her wedding day – and Kate had it too

Royal weddings are a huge occasion, and it will certainly be no different when Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle.

Their big day, like all weddings, is set to be filled with traditions from both sides of the family.

Some are very similar to those carried out by brides and grooms across the world, but some will be much more extravagant.

But there is one particularly sweet that Meghan is expected to continue on her big day, and it will hopefully make her feel closer than ever to her new royal in-laws.

Every royal bride since Queen Victoria has carried a small piece of myrtle in their wedding bouquet.

The flower represents love and marriage, so it’s very fitting.

But it’s not just any old myrtle.

It’s myrtle grown from a bush on the Isle of Wight given to Queen Victoria as a gift by Prince Albert’s grandmother, reports The Telegraph .

Kate Middleton was no exception to this rule and carried a piece down the aisle in her simple classic bouquet, designed by Shane Connolly.

She combined it with her family and her future in-laws’ favourite flowers – lilies, hyacinths and ivy.

Princess Diana and the Queen also had myrtle in their wedding bouquets.

There is already lots of speculation about Meghan’s dress, but we really hope our future princess carries on this sweet and subtle tradition.


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