SPOILER ALERT – Coronation Street’s Zeedan forces Rana to confess her sexuality to parents

Rana may have been shocked when Zeedan hit the bottle for the first time after she revealed she was in love with someone else, but there’s far worse to come when her parents show up unexpectedly – and Zeedan makes her tell them the truth.

When Zee reveals that the person Rana’s been cheating on him with is a woman, they’re shocked – but not too stunned to come up with a surprising plan of action of their own.

Rana can’t believe what she’s hearing as both Zeedan and Imran say that she should consider their proposal or risk being made an outcast from the whole community…

Back at work, Robert is surprised to hear that Zeedan and Rana are giving their marriage another go, but when Zee suggests the only way that he will come back to work at the Bistro is if Robert sacks Kate, it’s an ultimatum too far.

Instead, Zeedan asks Rana’s mum and dad for money as he’s now without a job.

Yasmeen is horrified when Leanne fills her in on what’s been going on between everyone.

When she confronts Zee and Rana about it, she has as much to say to her brokenhearted son as she does to her wayward granddaughter-in-law.

The question is: where does Zeedan and Rana’s marriage go from here?

Carla continues to think short-term as she delights in putting Peter in his place when he gets all high and mighty about her bedding Daniel.

But after a repeat afternoon session with Daniel and a glass of wine at the Rovers, which goes straight to her head, Carla collapses again and she’s off to hospital.

The good news is that both Aidan and Kate are donor matches for Carla. Aidan steps up to the plate, while Johnny is shocked that he knew nothing about her medical issues.

As the operation needs to happen as soon as possible, Aidan prepares to donate. But is he more nervous than he lets on?

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