SPOILER ALERT – EastEnders’ Max is out in the cold this Christmas!

Already hated by pretty much the whole Square, the only person left sticking up for Max is Stacey.

But Max and Stacey should know better than most about the perils of unwanted gifts turning up on the big day…

Still, Max tries to build bridges with the only other people who might give him another chance – his daughters – and arranges to meet up with Lauren and Abi separately, but is immediately wrong-footed when they show up together.

Both tell him that they’ve had enough of his lies and manipulation, and leave him to stew.

But Max just can’t help himself and, feeling lonely, he calls Stacey away from Lily’s Nativity and then tries it on with her, getting a slap for his troubles.

Despite that, the big day doesn’t start so badly for Max, and “he finds himself in the arms of his very own angel this Christmas,” BBC bosses have revealed.

But later, the gift that Karen has secretly returned to Stacey – her missing phone – is about to cause maximum devastation.

The mobile, in case you’d forgotten, holds damning voicemails from Jane after Max tried to do away with her.

Is this the unearthed evidence that will trigger Max’s “ultimate downfall on an apolcalyptic scale”?

And with Lorna Fitzgerarld (Abi) and Jacqueline Jossa (Lauren) leaving the show, this will be an unforgettable Christmas…

With Luke out the picture and Josh all loved up with Lauren, it’s time for Fi to finally do the right thing and take down her dad’s evil empire.

She starts by paying yet another visit to Kathy, who can’t be doing with going over it all again.

Worried that what she’s hearing about her dad is starting to ring true, though, Fi breaks into Willmott-Brown’s office and unearths an incriminating document, which her father desperately tries to destroy when he finds it after paying one last visit to Kathy himself.

But as the devious dad is confronted by his daughter’s treachery, the clock is ticking, and for once it looks like it may be James Willmott-Brown whose luck is about to run out.

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