Stephen Bear threatens Charlotte Crosby with inflatable 'solicitor' following feud over money

The star, 27, shared a series of bizarre videos on Instagram after he claimed his ex owed him cash from their joint business venture, His And Hers Ltd.

Charlotte has denied Stephen's claims, calling them "totally false" and says she's left the "matter in the hands of solicitors".

But an unrepentant Bear uploaded videos last night where he introduced the blow-up doll to the camera and said: “This is my solicitor. Say hello to him.

"He’s the best in the country and he’s on my side, and he gives great advice so I listen to him on how to act in this certain situation.”

He then issues a warning to Charlotte and those he claims owe him money and said: “Maybe by tomorrow I could get a sensible email and this could all be squashed.

“But, if we don’t squash it tomorrow – say, tomorrow at 12pm – I’m going to listen to my solicitor’s advice. He’s the best in the universe.”

In a video posted on Monday, which was originally posted on Snapchat but later added to Instagram, Stephen told Charlotte he "wants her to reply to his f***ing emails".

On the clip, which he called the "Monday Rant", he fumed: "I'm owed a lot of money by three different people.

"The first is Rustlers: where's my £3,000 you owe me? It's been five months. Second one, Good For Nothing – you owe me £16,000! My contract isn't finished til April.

"The third one is for you Charlotte – listen. Reply back to the emails. I haven't received 1p from the business which I started with MY money."

Despite Bear’s allegations, two of the three companies he is accusing of withholding payment have come forward and insisted that he is owed nothing.

A representative for Charlotte told The Sun Online that the star's lawyers were now involved.

They said: “Stephen Bear’s libellous comments on Instagram today are totally false: there is no truth whatsoever in the allegation that Stephen is owed any money by Charlotte, her father or His and Hers Ltd.

"We cannot comment about the other companies that he says owe him money. This matter is now in the hands of our solicitors.”

Burger company Rustlers have told The Sun Online: "Last month we chose to cancel a campaign featuring Stephen Bear after several unsuitable images of Stephen feeding tigers at a temple in Thailand appeared on social media last month.

“He has been paid appropriately under the terms of our cancelled agreement with him, and no other payment is due.”

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