Take Me Out viewers furious as ’cruel Bella’ tells Magician Phil that she left her light on by mistake – after enjoying the free holiday with him

TAKE Me Out viewers have blasted a hopeful on the show for telling her date she mistakenly left her light on.

Magician Phil's face dropped when Bella broke the news to him that not only did she not want to see him again, but she was only on the date because she forgot to turn her light off.

Despite the pair sharing a nice date on the fabled island of Fernandos, Bella wasn't shy in telling the camera she didn't mean to be there, while Phil was gushing about how lovely she was.

"I've got a really horrible confession," she said as the two sat down for a moonlight drink.

"I was just so enraptured by your magic. I pressed my button but it was too late."

Phil looked completely heartbroken over the rejection as he realised he would have had a blackout save for a faulty switch.

Viewers were absolutely furious at Bella for gleefully telling Phil about her mistake.

One wrote: "I would never have admitted to leaving my light on by mistake.

"That’s just so cruel. If you look closely you can see his heart actually breaking #TakeMeOut."

Another added: "Why would you even feel the need to tell someone you actually didn’t manage to turn your light off in time and it was a mistake, you just wouldn’t say anything.

"Bella is a **** #TakeMeOut"

A third added: "F*** that was awful!! Bless him to be told it was a mistake her light was on!"

Others posted gifs of the awkward moment.

One tweeted: "Phil when Bella said she left her light on by mistake and didn’t want to see him again #TakeMeOut."

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/5335280/take-me-out-viewers-furious-as-cruel-bella-tells-magician-phil-that-she-left-her-light-on-by-mistake-after-enjoying-the-free-holiday-with-him/

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