Tom Cruise returns to action on Mission: Impossible 6, five months after breaking ankle on set

TOM Cruise was back in action on the London set of Mission:Impossible 6 today, five months after breaking his ankle in an on set stunt.

The actor, 55, looked to be in no discomfort as he sprinted across rooftops in pursuit of a helicopter.

Filming on the blockbuster was delayed for seven weeks after the accident which happened in August last year in the same area of East London. 

Video footage showed Tom crashing into the side of a building after taking a huge leap off some rigging onto a rooftop opposite.

After appearing to misjudge the jump he pulled himself off the rooftop and was seen staggering towards the crew.

A month later, he joked that his initial reaction was to check the mishap had been captured on camera.

He told US network Extra:  “I was like, 'We better have been rolling on that’.”

The star also revealed he was on the mend, telling the show’s host A.J. Calloway: “It's good, man, and thank you for the well-wishes and messages.”

For today's filming, the safety-conscious crew moved the location of the scene from a neighbouring building with Tom filming on top of Blackfriars Station with St Paul's Cathedral in the background.

The star kept warm against the January chill with a black padded jacket which he wore over his character's outfit of black jeans, jacket and T-shirt.









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