TOWIE’s Georgia Kousoulou runs away as she’s chased by wild horses during nature walk after she faces trolls over cringe-worthy advert for budget fashion website

Grace Kousoulou found herself being chased by horses [Grace Kousoulou/Instagram]

During a nature walk, the reality star came across a group of horses while walking through a field.

However, the reality star found herself needing to run away from the animals after they began chasing after her across the field.

She captioned the hilarious video to her 1 million followers: “So I’m not well but needed to get out so me & @viphq_essex was exploring and enjoying a walk until horses ran up to us & I got scared.”

Georgia Kousoulou ran away during her nature walk [Georgia Kousoulou/Instagram]

Her fans loved the hilarious video, and many left cry-laughing emojis in the comments box.

One wrote: “At one with the countryside… fail… lol so funny I feel your panic,” while another added: “Howling so funny.”

A third fan sympathised with the reality star, and wrote: “I was in a field with dogs chasing me once. Very scary.”

Georgia Kousoulou left her fans in hysterics with the video [Georgia Kousoulou/Instagram]

Tommy Mallet’s girlfriend headed out on her walk just a few hours after releasing her advert for the budget fashion website, Everything Five Pounds.

In the cringe-worthy video, Georgia posed in a variety of clothes offered on the website, and pointed out how everything on the website will only set customers back by a fiver.

Bringing a touch of Essex to the video, she began the video by exclaiming: “Oh em gee.”

Georgia Kousoulou recently starred in a cringe-worthy advert []

While she was clearly proud of her efforts, her fans were less than impressed with the advert, and trolled her on social media.

One sarcastically replied on Twitter: “How much is that dress again?” while another asked: “Do you get your clothes from there then?”

Bringing up the sheer number of times Georgia said “five pounds”, one fan commented: “£5. You’re gonna have that phrase with you forever lol.”


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