Transgender Big Brother star Rebekah Shelton breaks down in tears as she insists she didn't fake her own death and is devastated she will never get pregnant

The former Big Brother contestant – who was recently accused of faking her death on Twitter to boost her profile – says that, before her transition, she originally thought she was a gay man – but then started to realise that was not the case.

She said: "When you find yourself in a male body and fancying someone of the same gender, the first thing you think is 'wow, I'm gay!'

"I didn't know what I was, I thought I was gay. I thought I had a default.

"Because how can I be gay and like straight men and see myself as a woman. Am I crazy? Probably!"

Rebekah then revealed that her decision to transition has cost her her dream of starting a family, because she won't be able to get pregnant.

She said: "I had loads of dreams as Rodrigo… I had so many dreams… and suddenly, I had to start my new life as my new self.

"I feel good now… but what people see of me is just a mask. I get dressed, and I look confident.

"But inside, I'm a vulnerable person. I left so many dreams behind.

"I always wanted to be a mother… but I know I can't get pregnant, so I won't be coming back here for a DNA test!"

Rebekah then discussed her Twitter death hoax, and insisted she wasn't responsible for it.

She said: "I woke up to many messages on my phone of people saying that I was an angel and saying 'rest in peace' and 'now your problems have finished'. For a second, I thought 'Am I dead?!'"

Jeremy then asked Rebekah if she posted her death announcement for publicity.

She said: "Who are the people who said that I was faking the news about my death? A couple of losers!"

Shelton admits she was scared to appear on the Jeremy Kyle Show.

She told the host: "I was very scared to meet you because someone said to me you were going to eat me alive.

"I also thought I wouldn't like you, but I really like you!"

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