Union J’s Josh Cuthbert reveals details of his dream wedding to model fiancée Chloe Lloyd and why he WON’T be singing at the wedding

POPSTAR Josh Cuthbert has revealed there'll be tears at the altar but NO spontaneous Union J gig at the reception as he dished the heart-warming details of his dream summer wedding to model Chloe Lloyd.

The hunky 25-year-old popped the question to the stunning brunette in Venice in 2015, and they've set a date in August 2018 to tie the knot in Oxfordshire.

Josh will plump for a plush designer Dolce and Gabbana suit, after modelling for the brand earlier this year.

He'll certainly look the part, too, after the recent launch of his fitness guide, The Shift 56 System.

Both he and the bride-to-be, 25, have been sweating it out in the circuit based workouts in their new home and giggling through the intense 30-minute sessions.

Yet in news that may surprise fans of the X Factor band, he exclusively told The Sun Online his summer wedding reception wouldn't be a makeshift Union J concert – because he simply can't hold a tune when he's tipsy.

He was first to tell us: "When I've had a drink I can't hold a note to save my life.

"I've done karaoke and obviously people think I can sing, because I'm in a band, but I can't then.

"When I have a drink I can't function.

"The boys are going to be there (at the wedding) and part of me wants to sing, but part to not and just enjoy the day – I want to have a day off."

Josh, who is planning a new album with the Union J lads next year, let slip the couple would say I Do in a plush Oxfordshire country manor house with 20 rooms for their loved ones to stay and celebrate.

Yet while he will be suited and booted Chloe is keeping the details of her dress a total secret until the day.

Revealing all he knew about the frock was that she was having it designed specially, Josh gushed to us: "I can't wait to see how stunning she looks when she walks down the aisle.

"For me, that makes me really, really excited.

"I'm definitely going to cry when I see her – I'm just that type of guy.

"I cry at The Notebook (chick flick movie) for goodness sake, so I've got no chance.

"We are really, really excited about it.

"We are also buying a house as well so it's all happening at once."

Meanwhile, his fitness project has been keeping him busy while he juggles his career with wedding planning.

The Shift 56 system combines exercise and eating plans with a journal to record ambitions and aims for the week.

He confessed it had changed the lives of the married pair, especially Chloe, who previously saw gym sessions as intimidating.

With his nuptials and music career set to rocket in 2018, he told us it was an easy workout to squeeze in.

Josh exclusively told us: "When you're in a band you are so busy you lead such a hectic life.

"It helps when you've got something that's simple and effective.

"It makes your life a whole lot easier

"It's not just people who do what I do, it's those who have such a busy lifestyle being able to follow something you can do in your bedroom or hotel room it makes it so much easier."

Talking of sweating it out in the living room with Chloe, Josh, who said he often used to swerve leg work in his fitness sessions, giggled: "She bosses me at everything, everything in life.

"Obviously we are at different fitness levels, I've been doing it for a lot longer, it's fun when you do it together.

"When I look to my side and Chloe's doing it with me we both catch each other's eyes and laugh

"It's tough it makes it fun as well as rewarding."

There's still room for cheat days, though, with a slap-up pepperoni pizza on the menu for his weekend treat.

The SHIFT56 System, the complete guide to living a leaner, healthier and happier life, is available for £14.99 exclusively at Amazon.

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