Vince Vaughn was arrested for driving under the influence

Vince Vaughn learned the hard way that driving under the influence is not only dangerous, it can lead to serious legal trouble. According to CNN, Vaughn was stopped at a DUI checkpoint between Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach in California at around 12:30 a.m. local time on Sunday, June 10. The encounter with Manhattan Beach Police Department did not end well for the star.

Sgt. Matt Sabosky said Vaughn was arrested at the checkpoint for driving under the influence. Vaughn was also charged with delaying, resisting, or obstructing officers. An unidentified male passenger traveling with Vaughn was also arrested for public intoxication and obstructing officers. Both men were booked into Manhattan Beach Jail at around 4 a.m. local time.

Later that day, another Manhattan Beach Police Department spokesperson, Sgt. Tim Zins, clarified with CNN that Vaughn wasn’t “fighting with officers, but more of delaying the investigation.” He added, “There was no officer use of force or anything like that.”

TMZ’s report appears to back up CNN’s, with the outlet reporting that when officers asked Vaughn and his passenger to step out of the vehicle at the checkpoint, both men were uncooperative. Apparently, they refused to get out of the car at all, which may have led to the additional charges.

As for bail, E! News reports that Vaughn’s was set at $5,000 and that he and his passenger were released later on Sunday. The outlet also reported that, per police records, Vaughn is due in court in September.

Additionally, The Daily Mail shared grainy photos of Vaughn’s wife, Kyla Weber, entering the police station on Sunday. She left with a police escort, and though Vaughn could not be seen in the car with her, it’s believed he was indeed with her.

There’s been no comment from Vaughn or his representatives on the arrest. Vaughn is certainly not the first celebrity to be arrested for driving under the influence, nor do we suspect that he’ll be the last, but hopefully this is the last time he’ll be arrested for this potentially fatal act.

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