The $95 Boat Shoes Kate Middleton Has Worn for Over Five Years

OK, we’ve definitely been OD’ing on dad sneakers, lately. But sometimes it’s best to stick with the classics. If you’ve got plans to chill on a boat this summer, those chunky Balnciaga’s might not be so appropriate. But don’t worry. Kate Middleton has a trusted pair of shoes that will get you through those water activities in style.

For over five years, Sebago’s Bala shoes have been a favorite for the Duchess of Cambridge. You’ve probably seen her wearing the moccasin at several casual events around the world, from Canada to India. And we don’t blame her, especially since the leather-lined shoes are so comfortable. Your bank account will also love Sebago’s Bala shoes because they are only $95. So go ahead. Use that extra money you saved and treat yourself to a sleek, Middleton-inspired blowout.

Our three favorite words: add to cart.

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Scroll below and see how Middleton wears her favorite boat shoes.


In St Martins, England

In Cirencester, United Kingdom

In Charlottetown, Canada

In Kaziranga National Park

In Tetbury, United Kingdom

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