Beauty Vlogger Lauren Curtis reveals how she alters her Instagram photos… but can YOU spot the Photoshop edits?

But one Australian beauty vlogger and YouTube star has given her 1.5 million followers an honest insight into how she alters her images before she posts.

In a post that has received over 56,000 likes, Lauren Curtis said “there needs to be more transparency on social media” which is why she posted a side by side comparison of a before and after pic.

The 25-year-old social media star is seen posing on a bench in an off-shoulder yellow summer dress as she smiles at the camera.

While the before image is noticeably darker, the alterations are so professional that only a true Photoshop whizz would have been able to spot the edits without Lauren’s help.

Having previously discussed the pressures of social media on her YouTube channel, the Perth-based influencer described every step of her subtle alterations in the caption to reflect how “Instagram is really just smoke and mirrors”.

She wrote: “I whitened the whites of my eyes which were yellowed after the colour edit, and then fixed the gross fake tan on my hand.

"I also lightly smoothed over my legs as I was freezing which makes my skin go a little blotchy.”

Just thinking about all the times I patted a cute dog

A post shared by Lauren Curtis (@lozcurtis) on

Just thinking about all the times I patted a cute dog

A post shared by Lauren Curtis (@lozcurtis) on

Lauren also admitted to warming the colour of the image to also make her look more tanned and sculpted.

Despite acknowledging that “none of this editing was necessary”, she mentioned studying “photography straight out of high school “ and that she absolutely loves the process of making an image more aesthetically pleasing.

Her millions of fans were also quick to praise her honesty, describing the edits as "subtle" and "cool" while others wished that more influencers were more upfront about their use of Photoshop.

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