Beauty YouTuber shares the surprising kitchen ingredient she uses to shave her bikini line… and you'll definitely have it in your cupboards

After racking up over 3 million views on YouTube, she reveals how she uses olive oil to shave her vagina – yes, really.

Jessie takes the taboo out of talking about pubic hair, she says “it’s such a natural thing, every single human grows pubic hair. We all grow a different amount but we do all grow it.”

She goes on to say how shaving wrong can cause “razor rash, burns and cuts” and she wanted to find a way to stop this so she always sticks to these tips.

Jessie's eight shaving tips

Tip 1) Pre trim your pubic hair – especially if your hairs are quite long because you’ll clog up your razor and may cut yourself.

Tip 2) Soften the hair follicles by taking a bath or shower – shave at the end so that your pores are open so you don’t get irritated.

Tip 3) Never dry shave – but also don't use shower gel, shaving cream or conditioner, use something you'll have in you kitchen cupboards instead…olive oil!

Tip 4) Use a man's razor – the razor you use makes all the difference, and the best one is the Gillette Fusion 5 with disposable heads.

Tip 5) Make sure the razor has more than three blades – four or five blades is best to get the closest results.

Tip 6) Be slow and gentle – first shave down in the direction the hair is growing, then add more olive oil and shave side to side and lastly upwards.

Tip 7) Clean then close pores – rinse the area and hold a cold flannel over to close the pores after shaving.

Tip 8) Wear 100% cotton underwear – it'll allow the area to breathe and prevent ingrowing hair

Jessie has said "I've been using olive oil to shave my vagina for the last couple of years now, and yes, I mean the one you find in the kitchen cupboards and usually cook with – this stuff is amazing."

"A teenie tiny bit goes a long way, all I do is rub the oil in my hands and then rub it all over my bikini line and any part that I want to shave."

"So I basically soak my whole vagina and let it soak in for about a minute or two so the hairs have time to soften and it also moisturises the area."

Jessie suggests once you've let the olive oil soak in you should use a man's razor as out of all the ones she has tried, the Gillette Fusion is the best.

So next time you think about shaving your bikini line, head to the kitchen cupboard just like Jessie.



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