Brits reveal their most hated items of clothing – and it’s bad news for budgie smugglers and leather trousers

Tight trunks came top of the YouGov survey, with 69 per cent overall (and 74 per cent of women) claiming they should never be worn in public.

A mere 13 per cent admitted they liked Speedo swimming trunks, proving that some things are definitely best left to the imagination.

A close second were leather trousers, which is bad news for Prime Minister Theresa May, who is famously a fan of the trend.

Leather pants are also a favourite of rocker Rod Stewart, but unfortunately for him 63 per cent reckon they're a fashion fail.

Crocs came in at third, despite a recent surge in popularity, with 25,000 searches for the famously ugly plastic shoes on eBay last month.

In fourth were flares, which again is unexpected given the trousers are enjoying a style moment just now.

Clothes with elbow patches, such as those on Mr Bean's tweed blazer, were another bug bear of Brits, with 54 per cent voting it their most hated item.

This was followed by red trousers – popular with posh Made in Chelsea folk – and Ugg boots, despite them being a favourite among many celebs, from A-list to reality stars.

In joint ninth were deep V-neck T-shirts and sweater vests – quite rightly.

When it came to biggest fashion mistakes that can be made, a staggering 82 per cent voted wearing PJs outdoors as the biggest no-no.

Earlier this week we told how Caroline Flack has launched a fashion range before Love Island’s hotly anticipated return.

Meanwhile the classic socks and sandals combo is back – and no one is happy about it.

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