Butterbeer hair is the latest new trend… and Harry Potter fans are going to love it

Now, a new hair trend has turned down a magical avenue inspired by the Harry Potter franchise.

The auburn coloured hair has been labelled as Butterbeer hair, which is inspired by the butterscotch-flavoured drink from Harry Potter.

The new hair look appears as though it's ready to cast a spell over Instagram.

The mixture of classic warm tones with bright elements could rival other trends such as the reverse brunette balayage.

The looks have spread online after one hairdresser shared his creation.

The colourist behind the trend, Chris Mears, told Bustle that he was inspired to create the warm and wizardry look because he wanted to stand out from other trends.

The self-professed Harry Potter fan said: "My inspiration was embracing warmth, I felt like everyone has been so obsessed with cool tones and ash and silver that I wanted to do something completely different and opposite."

He shared one of his client's photos on his Instagram, which he later re-posted to enter into the One Shot hair awards.

No filter. #butterbeerhair

A post shared by Kristen Gregory (@kristen.beehive) on

No filter. #butterbeerhair

A post shared by Kristen Gregory (@kristen.beehive) on

Some different takes on Butterbeer hair were subtle, while others featured vibrant yellow and purple tones.

After what feels like a long time of icy grey tones and bleach, it seems like the time for warm colours (and witchcraft) is upon us.

For more hair trends, take a look at the rose brown hair that allows pastels to work for darker roots.

And if some of these trends are too tame for you, check out the new glitterage.

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