You can now fill a sports bra with ALCOHOL – and it's perfect for festival season

Well if forking over the best part of a tenner every time you want a pint is just too painful, then we may have found the festival 'accessory' for you.

  • Wine Rack Bra, £22 from Amazon – buy now

Yes you can now buy a bra that holds 25 ounces of liquid and even has a straw attached.

In other words, savvy spenders can fill their underwear's contents with whatever beverage takes their fancy while also dodging pricey bar tariffs.

All the while, the more you fill this "wine rack" bra, the better the bra works as a push-up.

Talk about a mid-festival pick me up.

A much-needed update on the beer-can helmet that most would agree is something of a fashion disaster, we don't understand how this ingenuous bra hasn't been invented before.

Currently available to buy on Amazon, this has got to be the easiest way to cut the bar queues without lugging around a metal flask.

So if you're going to be  wearing a bra anyway, why not make it an alcohol-filled one?

Not that we would ever recommend sneaking booze into a festival…

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