Can YOU tell how much each ice cream cone costs? The summer puzzle is trickier than it looks

Now one cartoonist has challenged the internet to work out the price of these cones, in a simple maths puzzle.

Artist Gergely Dudás, from Budapest, Hungary, is known for sharing brainteasers on his Facebook page – under his creative name Dudolf.

While it may seem like a playful test you'd give your kids, the puzzle is harder than it looks.

It's racked up hundreds of likes, comments and shares, as people try to figure out the answer.

One even commented: "Did you just lure me in and make me do math? Lol! Love your art and creativity!"

Reckon you cracked the maths puzzle? We'll put you out of your misery…

Each cone equals three, scoops of vanilla ice cream two, and strawberry is one.

Last week, Dudolf sent puzzle fans wild by asking them to find the lollipop hidden among the ice creams in this mind boggling brainteaser.

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