Christina Aguilera’s Most Memorable — and Dirrty — Style Moments From the ’90s

Remember when Kylie Jenner went as Christina Aguilera for Halloween? We knew she could pull off the look; we just didn’t know how “Dirrty” she was going to be . . . or that she’d have so much fun channeling the pop star that she’d do it a second time around. In a custom Bryan Hearns ensemble that revealed slices of booty and plenty of midriff, Kylie made for a pretty believable Christina.

But Christina had a bunch of memorable style moments when she got her start in the ’90s, and plenty of them became iconic. We aren’t just talking music videos here; we rounded up some of Christina’s finest red carpet looks and daring concert crop tops. Read on to catch another glimpse of Kylie as Xtina — both on Halloween and at the singer’s birthday party in December — and then discover 15 other ways she could’ve pulled off the costumes.

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