Georgia Horsley reveals she almost gave birth on the LOO during 'easy' four-hour labour – and how McFly husband Danny Jones snapping over nappies made her burst into tears

The former Miss England model, 31, welcomed her first baby Cooper with McFly singer Danny, 32, back in January – and admits the birth was "really quick and easy".

But the following months have been harder at times, with Georgia admitting motherhood has left her lonely, bored and extremely emotional.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Online, Georgia said: "My waters broke and Cooper was here within four hours which is speedy. It bloody hurt, but doesn't it with everyone?

"I very nearly gave birth at home. I held him in all the way to the hospital because he was coming out.

"I just thought I needed to poo so I kept sitting on the toilet it turns out I was just pushing him out.

"I’ve never had a baby before so I didn’t realise and when we rang the midwife she said when she heard me mooing like a cow she knew I was pushing him out.

"When I actually got to hospital he had arrived in half an hour. So it was rapid."

Despite the easy birth, Georgia wasn't prepared for the post-baby hormones, which left her "teary" and "emotional"  a lot of the time.

The mood swings meant a snappy comment from Danny, who she wed in August 2014 after five years of dating, made her burst into "floods of tears".

She said: "There was one day when I cried just because Danny told me off because I reached over him when he was trying to change Cooper’s nappy.

"I was in floods of tears, I thought the world was ending for the most ridiculous reasons, I've definitely had some tears."

Georgia gave her 172,000 followers a brutal insight into the reality of parenting back in February, when she shared a photo of her top covered in 'projectile poo'.

She laughed: "Recently Cooper's decided he really enjoys pooing and being sick in the bath which isn't fun.

"It's a nightmare because you have to empty it straight away and you’re trying to juggle a wet baby, fish poo out of the bath and keep him happy."

And Georgia's had a couple of near-miss incontinence problems of her own, admitting she wished she'd done more pelvic floor exercises while pregnant.

She said: "I wish someone had said to me 'it's really important'. You don't realise how much you use that muscle on a day-to-day basis.

"Running is definitely tricky these days. I went the other day and the second part of it was a walk. The key is to go for a wee before you run."

Georgia, who's speaking about fitness at The Baby Show with trainer Charlie Laudner at 1pm today, admitted it was "difficult" to lose control over her changing body during pregnancy.

She said: "In the beginning I found it quite difficult to accept that you have a growing tummy and there's no way of controlling that.

"I've always had small boobs and when they grew I hated them at first, but now they're gone I miss them.

"Towards the end I really embraced it and learned to love my baby body. That's not to say I don't want to get toned again."

North Yorkshire-born Georgia tries to work out at least twice-a-week, but says this could be a 15-minute yoga session, 20-minute run or half hour workout.

She said: "If you want to get your post-baby body back, I think 'why not?', providing you are healthy.

"I've not had to much body-shaming, you do get the odd you or two who say 'it's easy for you', but actually it's not.

"We don't have any family nearby. I can't pop to my mums and say 'can you watch Cooper while I work out?' because she's not here."

Danny went back to work on The Voice Kids just three days after Cooper was born, but Georgia says she's never known any different.

She said: "I miss having him around, but when he is around he's an amazing dad, he's very hands-on and gets stuck in.

"Right from the very start he was very busy, so I've just got used to it. I've had to, I've not had a choice.

"Cooper made his first appearance on The Voice Kids when he was about a week old."

In complete contrast to this, the first-time mum was terrified to leave the house, admitting it took her three weeks to go out on her own with the baby – and even then it was "difficult" to go five minutes down the road.

She said: "I felt I lost a bit of me and a lot of my independence. 

"I’d gone from flying across the world by myself to not even feeling like I could get out my front door.

"I was worried about everything – what if he cried, what if I needed to feed him, what if I couldn’t stop him crying in public?

"The more you get used to being a mummy, you realise that none of that matters, so what if people stare?

"But in the very beginning you just panic, everything seems a lot bigger and a lot harder than it actually is."

Despite always wanting kids, Georgia said motherhood can be "lonely" and even "boring" at times.

She added: "It's so lonely. In all honesty it can get quite boring sometimes, when it's just you and your baby and in the early days they don't do anything. It is quite a lonely place."

She's still keen to add to the brood, but says there may be a wait for baby no 2.

Georgia added: "I've always wanted children and I've always been very maternal.

"I think now we've had our first we're definitely going to wait a while before our second one. We do want more but with a little bit of a gap.

"But who knows? Watch me get pregnant next week!"

The Baby Show, at Olympia London, is on today and tomorrow from 10am-5.30pm. Tickets are available online or on the door for £20.

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