Golden Globes: Meaning behind emerald jewellery

Celebrities have opted for emeralds with their black dresses for a very important reason  [Getty]

The Golden Globes 2018 has been given a special meaning this year as celebrities, both male and female, show their support against sexual harassment as well as supporting victims of abuse.

In honour of the Time’s Up movement, celebrities have dressed in black on the red carpet, with others also adding the Time’s Up badge to their outfit.

However, it appears that the all black dress code isn’t the only pattern fans have spotted from the stars this year.

The stars on the red carpet, including Catherine Zeta Jones, Zoe Kravitz and Issa Rae, were spotted wearing emerald green jewellery, whether it be a necklace, earrings or a small ring.

Stars opted for emeralds for a special reason [Getty]

Penelope Cruz wore a small emerald ring with her black dress [Getty]

Fans have spotted the pattern online, asking on Twitter the reason behind it.

One fan wrote: “Did the black dress memo come with a green earring addendum?” while another commented: “I’ve noticed a lot of people wearing emerald/green accents along with their black dresses – does that mean something special too?”

And it appears that, like the black dress message, the emerald green jewellery is sending a message too.

According to online forums, emeralds: “Encourage growth, reflection, peace and balance.”

The emerald can represent mercy, compassion, and universal love [Getty]

They are also said to symbolise mercy, compassion, and universal love, which relates perfectly to the message stars are giving during this year’s award show.

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