Gran left baffled after granddaughter, 13, refused to remove her tights as she hadn't shaved her legs… so how young is too young to start the grooming habit?

Posting her concerns on the forum Gransnet, the grandma asked others whether they thought 13 was too young for girls to shave.

Writing in the forum as ‘tenith’, the gran said:[my granddaughter] arrived with woolly tights and I’m in shorts it’s hot and sunny so I told her to take the blooming things off.

“Oh no! Can’t be done as her legs are too hairy.

“I’m sure I never bothered with leg shaving at 13.

“Do your GDs [granddaughters] shave their legs and what age did they start?”

Others in the forum commented on the thread, with many reassuring the grandma that it is in fact common for young teens to shave their legs.

One poster – a year six school teacher – said that most of the girls in her class had already stayed shaving their legs.

She said: “I teach year 6 (so aged 10/11) and most of the girls have started shaving their legs.”

The teacher went onto offer some advice – suggesting the gran point her granddaughter in the direction of a safe hair removal method.

While ‘Gma29’ added: “My grandaughters all did hair removal, but not shaving.

“Their mum preferred them to use cream.

“I don’t see a problem with it really.”

Some posters said they did see it as a problem, though – and worried shaving was a sign of not feeling body confident.

‘Joelsnan’ said: “Awww it is such a shame that girls can't be happy in their bodies nowadays.

“Do you think it's our generation and the one below that created this with all the Botox, Fillers, silicone and surgery that some have resorted to to try and look young, instead, many look grotesque.

“Shouldn't parents be promoting body confidence rather than enforcing the current dysmorphia and anxiety in their children by showing them how to shave their legs etc.”

Meanwhile, some grandmas in the group turned the topic to their own shaving habits, questioning if they’d just been a bit more innocent when they were younger.

One, posting as ‘Luckylegs’, said: “I didn't shave my legs until I was in my 40's when my daughter told me I should!

“I'd always had blonde hair everywhere and never ever considered shaving my legs!

“I can't believe that was the case now!

“Were we so much more innocent and naive then?”

Another lady sweetly made the point that hairy legs are a sign of good health.

Posting as ‘Sparkly Grandma’, she told the group: “According to my diabetic nurse, hairy legs lower down are a good sign that your circulation is still functioning properly.

“So celebrate that you still have it – then shave, cream or wax it off!”


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