Here’s how to get makeup stains out of your clothes: From foundation collars to lipstick marked shirts

Getting make-up on your dress while getting ready isn’t fun [Getty]

It’s always the same predicament: to get dressed before doing your makeup, or after?

Either way, you somehow always end up getting foundation on the collars of your outfit, and lip stick smeared on your shirt somewhere along the way.

But there’s no need to throw away your favourite frock.

Here’s how to get makeup stains out your clothes.

This is how you can get foundation out of your favourite garments [Getty]

If you spill liquid foundation on your clothing as you’re getting ready, it’s best to act right away, as it will soon seep into the fabric.

If there’s a lot of it, scrape off any excess before blotting off with a damp cloth or tissue.

Then add a special stain remover to the area and leave for thirty minutes before washing at the normal temperature.

However, if your foundation isn’t oil based, you can try this cheeky trick.

It’s easy to spill a little bit of foundation on your clothes when you’re getting ready in a hurry [Getty]

After the blotting off the excess, cover the area with shaving foam. Yes, shaving foam!

Cover the stain in the foam and then rub into the fabric until it lathers. Wash off with cold water and repeat.

If the stain hasn’t removed after a spin in the washing machine wash, repeat the process before tumble drying as this maybe help set the stain in.

Here’s how to get lipstick off your favourite shirts [Getty]

Lipsticks are usually oil based, meaning you’ll need to reach for something that can cut through it.

Firstly try using something like washing up liquid which is designed to break up grease. After spritzing with water, gently rub some of the liquid into the stain and leave for 15 minutes.

After that time, move a clean cloth over the stain in circular motions to try and lift the mark out.

But there are some other more outlandish tricks that are said to ease a lipstick stain.

Whether applying at home or on the go, getting lipstick on your top is easily done [Getty]

Firstly, rubbing alcohol over the stain can work. After checking the cloths label to ensure it’s not super sensitive, pour the liquid over a cotton ball and blot the area.

Alternatively, try hairspray to budge stubborn lipstick stains.

Spray over the area, and leave to sit for 15 minutes. With a clean cloth dipped into warm water, wipe off the hairspray and wash the garment as usual.

Here’s how to remove mascara from fabric [Getty]

Tackle mascara marks with a pre-wash stain remover.

Pick one that comes with a brush, and use that to apply the product and gentle work in.

Once the time recommended is up, rinse with warn water before putting it in the wash.

Try the process again if at first you don’t succeed.


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