Instagram star takes the Laurel or Yanny debate to whole new levels with this eyebrow art

But one Instagram star has found a way to bridge a gap between the two camps with the beauty of liquid eyeliner.

And now 23-year-old Katie Kelly has taken the debate to a whole new level by painting the words ‘Laurel’ and ‘Yanny’ over each of her eyebrows.

In a hilarious attempt to harmonise the two opposing sides and poke fun at the internet debate, Katie said “I actually heard both but mostly heard Laurel.”

Having effectively camouflaged her eyebrows with foundation, Katie then used the It Cosmetics Superhero liner to achieve the eyebrow-raising look.

Complete with a slick of purple lipstick and a blue smoky eye, this is definitely one way to strike up a conversation around the internet debacle.

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In what is effectively the audio equivalent of 'The Dress' dilemma, the Yanny/Laurel clip has been dividing social media users all over the world.

While the man behind the audio clip (that was recorded back in 2007) has now confirmed he said 'Laurel', the internet debate is still raging.

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