Is this the weirdest fashion collection ever? Fashion Nova releases forthcoming line – which includes a see-through skirt, a plastic jumpsuit leaving NOTHING to the imagination and snakeskin chaps

American fashion house Fashion Nova has unleashed its new line – not yet available to buy but available to pre-order – and it is bonkers.

  • Seattle Days Skirt, Fashion Nova, £38 – buy now 

We went through it so you don't have to and have picked some of our favourite pieces.

From a see-through plastic skirt at £38 to a pair of over-the-knee rhinestone-embedded sock boots (with peep-toe front) costing £38, it's all wonderfully crazy.

But you would have to be pretty daring to wear most of it – including a jumpsuit that laces from toe to chest.

We are also utterly perplexed by a pair of clear boots – who knew see-through was going to be so hot this winter?

  • All Over Your Body bandage Set, Fashion Nova, £46, buy now 

  • Ayleen lace up pants, Fashion Nova, £38 – buy now 

  • Team Glam sunglasses, Fashion Nova, £7.66 – buy now 

  • Slither Through buckle pants, Fashion Nova, £46 – buy now 

  • Lace Me Up Jumpsuit, Fashion Nova, £46 – buy now 

  • Beyond Expectations heeled boot, Fashion Nova, £38 – buy now 

  • Rain or Shine Bootie, Fashion Nova, £30.60 – buy now 


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