At Just $48, These Adorable Minnie Mouse Heels Are Hard — Nay, Impossible — to Resist

Remember those Oscar Tiye Minnie Mouse heels that totally blew up on social media? You know, the ones that were impossibly cute yet oh-so-excruciatingly difficult to admire from afar because they cost between $450 and $700 — yeah, those. Well today is your lucky day, fellow Disney addicts, because we just found an affordable alternative that’s just as chic at nearly an eighth of the price. Yes, really!

Taiwan-based online retailer Grace Gift is currently selling its own version of Minnie Mouse heels, along with a plethora of other fashion-forward Disney merchandise (including work-appropriate loafers that are to die for). The ankle-strap sandals feature a low block heel, which is perfect for the office, and those signature Minnie Mouse ears on the back. The best part? They only cost $48, plus international shipping costs. When a budget-friendly price tag meets a comfy shoe silhouette with a Disney twist, it’s certainly a recipe for an online-shopping frenzy.

Ahead, scope out all five colors of Grace Gift’s adorably stylish Minnie heels and shop for your favorite pick.


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