Kate Middleton casual style hacks: How the Duchess of Cambridge dresses less formal occasions

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton occasionally opts for casual clothing [Getty]

Pregnant Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is known for her good fashion sense, and sets trends whenever she steps out and she won’t disappoint when she appears on the BAFTA red carpet.

Prince William’s wife usually opts for formal wear when appearing at official royal engagements, however from time to time she favours a more casual approach.

Here are her hacks to casual style, with some of them being surprisingly affordable…

Kate Middleton wears Nike trainers [Getty]

Kate Middleton’s go-to choice of trainer is Superga [Getty]

Kate’s go-to trainers are renowned to be a pair of white canvas Superga’s, costing just £50.

Princess Diana was also a massive fan of the brand, wearing exactly the same trainers but in navy in 1997.

Kate has also opted to wear Nike trainers in the past too, and always opts for neutral colours.

Kate Middleton has worn the same boots for years when dressing casually [Getty]

When not wearing her favourite nude L.K Bennet court heels Kate has a pair of casual go-to boots that she wears time and time again.

The Penelope Chilver boots, costing £475, are worn by Kate when she’s dressing down, usually with jeans.

The Duchess first wore the exact same pair as early as 2005 and we’ve seen them on her feet regularly since then.

Kate Middleton favours a couple of sporting styles [Getty]

While Kate is more accustomed to dressing formally, she knows how to adopt sports wear in style.

She often wears Tuxedo Track Pant Black Monreal tracksuit bottoms.

The style boasts a white stripe down the side, and cost $345.

Source: www.ok.co.uk/lifestyle/fashion/1306430/kate-middleton-casual-style-hacks-duchess-of-cambridge-trainers-superga-tracksuit-nike

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