Love ripped jeans? These painful sunburn photos show why you should apply suncream before putting them on

You applied suncream in advance to your face, arms and shoulders, but didn’t put any on your legs because you decided to wear your favourite pair of ripped jeans.

In kneed of after-sun

The sun can’t burn you through your jeans, right? Wrong.

Well, wrong if your jeans happen to be of the ripped variety.

These poor souls found this out the hard way when they returned from a day in the sun to a nasty surprise…

Here are some of the most painful-looking photos of people getting sunburnt through their ripped jeans.

Lesson burned

Thighly inappropriate

New socks and knee pads?

In for a grilling

Lashings of sun

Burnt hot dogs or legs?

Feeling str-yped!

Seeing red

A spot of bother

A stripe of (bad) luck

Everyone's a shinner


If you got caught out by the sun yourself, take a look at these tips for treating the burn.

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