Meghan Markle makes another faux pas after crossing her legs again… metres away from Kate's perfect 'Duchess' slant

From fashion, food to social media, it’s a lot to take on now she’s a member of The Firm.

One faux pas she keeps seemingly making is all to do with her sitting style.

Her sitting pose has come under fire before and it seems she’s made another mistake at the RAF ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

Wearing a navy blue custom Dior gown with her signature boat neckline, she was spied in the hall sitting with her legs crossed at the knee, supposedly a no-no for royal ladies.

As she took her seat next to Prince Harry she put her right leg over the left just before the service began.

Etiquette expert William Hanson told MailOnline: “Although used to be the custom that ladies (royal or non royal) would never cross their legs, clearly the Duchess of Sussex is finding her own style and comfortable seating position by crossing her legs.

“'Correctly, however, she is not letting there be too much of a gap between her ankles, which can look very ungainly when done by women or men.”

For royal ladies, it seems there’s more to seating than just plonking yourself down on a chair.

Waiting for the right moment to sit in connection to the Queen as well as posture – ensuring their modesty is protected – is a tricky business.

Part of the family for a number of years now, it seems Kate Middleton has got the knack of sitting with grace.

The mum-of-three has perfected what’s known as ‘The Duchess Slant’, which is placing your ankles together at one side, avoiding any awkward views.

At the service at Westminster Abbey Kate Middleton was sat metres away in the row ahead from Meghan, seen in the classic pose, which was also favoured by Princess Diana.

It seems it was believed Meghan would also adopt this demure stance.

But people have been quick to notice Meghan is bucking the trend and crossing her legs instead.

People slammed the Duchess for her ‘disrespectful’ sitting pose when she attended the Queen's Young Leaders reception at Buckingham Palace with Prince Harry.

Crossing her legs at the knee, people quickly commented on her posture, with one fan writing on Facebook: “The Duchess of Sussex has her legs crossed wrong. What a disrespect to the Queen.

“All royal ladies cross at the ankles or put both legs to the side.”

And another wrote on Instagram:  “It was an act of disrespect to the queen.

“I can not believe a duchess can do so. She does not learn the rules of royalty.”

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