These mop mavericks really ARE having a bad hair day

The mop-headed mavericks have dodged the usual short-back-and-sides for dramatic looks which need to be seen to be believed.

Devil-horns, flat-tops, giant head-swamping afros and a literal rat's tail are all on display.

Some try to rock a wild twist on the classic mullet while another has carved an eerie face in the back of his head.

One guy even attempts a legendary half-beard.

These dos are so bad you'll dye laughing.

Which of these is your favourite bad hair day? And how do they compare to your worst barnet?



What the funk?


Parting is such sweet sorrow


He's got the look


Bowled over


Shaving face


No sympathy for the devil


Oh rats!


Pennywise – the college years


A shave new world


Dye from embarassment


Mane-ging of the guard


What the shell?


Twisted firestarter


Snide burns


The emo-bob


On the fringe of society


Dreadlock wally-day


Go with the flow


High brow gent


Poodling along




Shock of seagulls


To and fro


Cushion the blow







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