The Multiple Royal Tiaras Meghan Markle Could Wear For Her Wedding

One of the perks of becoming a prince’s bride is the chance to wear a tiara from the Royal Collection the Queen’s personal collection on your wedding day. Only a tiny handful of women in the world get to wear these stunningly beautiful tiaras and even fewer still are able to possess them. Queen Elizabeth does not actually own the Crown Jewels. The Crown Jewels, along with the priceless Royal Art Collection and about $11 billion in property are made available for the use of the Queen; however, they are all owned by the British Empire.

The Queen lives like a multi-billionaire, yet her personal net worth is only about $550 million. Nevertheless, the Queen does have her own personal collection of jewelry and an amazing assortment of fabulous tiaras. She offered to let Meghan Markle borrow one, of her choice, to wear for her wedding ceremony.

IB Times reported that Meghan can decide between tiaras that include the Strathmore Rose, the Spencer, the Cartier Bandeau, the Kokoshnik, or she might commission a brand new creation of a tiara for herself.

The first is The Strathmore Rose tiara is an antique piece that was originally owned by the current queen’s mother when she got married in 1923. She received it as a gift from her father. Upon her death, she passed her jewels onto her daughter who is the current Queen Elizabeth II. It is now in the Queen’s personal collection.

The Strathmore Rose tiara has the design of wild rose blossoms that are made from diamonds mounted in gold and silver. It can be worn in front of the forehead or above the forehead in the hair. Wearing it in front of the forehead was a style popular with the flappers (female dancers) during the time of the Roaring Twenties. It has the unusual feature of being able to be taken apart and then the pieces can be worn individually as brooches. The center diamonds can be removed and replaced with sapphires.

One thing that makes this tiara a special choice is that it has not been worn in public for decades and is truly a remarkable antique piece.

Instead, Markle could go for a tiara that is not in the Royal Collection or in the Queen’s personal collection—The Spencer Tiara. Princess Diana, who was part of the Spencer family, wore this tiara on her wedding day with Prince Charles. It has a beautiful filigree design of interlocking loops that meet in a heart shape at the front center point. It has a radiant sparkle that twinkles from the individual diamonds catching the light when the person wearing it turns their head.

Princess Diana was one of the most popular princesses of all time. Diana’s sisters, Jane and Sarah wore this tiara when they got married as well as the first wife, Victoria, of her brother Charles. Kate Middleton wore it as well.

Most people in the world remember how beautiful Diana looked on her wedding day, however, there is also the cloud of sadness in the memories as well due to her tragic demise. While this tiara certainly is beautiful, Meghan may choose another one simply because of the mixed feelings these memories create.

The Queen Mother’s Cartier Bandeau tiara was made for none other than Queen Mother, but Markle could wear it as well. The current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II inherited it when her mother died in 2002. Even though it has not been seen in public for over a century, its art-deco design in a bandeau-style mount gives it a contemporary feel.

During the 1920’s, King George VI bought a set of five bracelets made by Cartier for the Queen Mother. Each of these matching bracelets featured a gemstone. Two of them used diamonds, one had sapphires, one had emeralds, and one was made of rubies.

The tiara is created by using three of the bracelets and holding them in place with the bandeau frame. This tiara would be a good choice because it was previously worn by both the current Queen and the Queen Mother.

The Queen Alexandra’s Kokoshnik Tiara tiara has major historical significance, but it could mean even more to Markle. It first belonged to the current queen’s great-grandmother, Queen Alexandra, who was married to King Edward VII. This tiara was commissioned in 1888 to celebrate the silver wedding anniversary of Queen Alexandra and King Edward VII.

A group of wealthy ladies, who were members of the “Ladies of Society,” raised the money to pay for it in order to be able to give it as a gift to the Queen. Queen Alexandra wanted a tiara that matched the design of one worn by her sister the Russian Empress Marie Feodorovna.

The Ladies of Society commission the jeweler Garrard to create the magnificent diamond fringe tiara in the Russian style that is set in yellow and white gold. The results were outstanding.

Aside from those, she could get her own. On the simple basis that Markle rhymes with “sparkle,” we are hoping Meghan opts for the creation of a brand new tiara. We imagine one that makes the fashionistas choke on their own excitement. She does not even have to do this on her own. There are so many fans and admirers and royalty-lovers who would chip in to make a tiara for her and for the new millennium.

We can imagine what it might contain in the magnificent design. We know what it will not contain, which are any inclusion of so-called “blood diamonds” that come from parts of Africa where so many are suffering. It might contain rare metals that have been recently discovered and come in an unusual storage case made out of transparent aluminum. It could contain her DNA fingerprint to show the authenticity of it and who was the original real owner.

No matter what Markle does, we wish her the calmness and serenity in support of her choices. We already know she will be radiant because she already is.

The wedding is scheduled for Saturday, May 19, 2018, to begin at 7 a.m. Eastern time (noon in the U.K.). The approximately one-hour ceremony will be followed by the newlyweds parading in a horse-drawn carriage procession for the entire world to enjoy.

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