Mum hits back after being slammed for zombie photoshoot which saw her one-year-old eating a BRAIN cake… but what do YOU think?

Amy Louise, from Brisbane, Australia, was slammed after her son Phoenix, was pictured in a series of "gruesome" snaps of the one-year-old tot feasting on a bloody brains-shaped cake.

The shots were taking in celebration of Phoenix’s first birthday and were taken by his photographer mum.

But, when Amy shared her snaps online, she received a huge wave of backlash for featuring her toddler such a “morbid,” and “offensive” shoot.

Little did those slamming her know the heartbreaking reason behind the snaps.

In response to being trolled, Amy revealed that her little boy had been born without a heartbeat.

After being born in October 2015, Phoenix was immediately whisked away by doctors.

Amy and her fiance Gary Wilkinson were left reeling and were sure their newborn had died – while medics tried desperately to resuscitate the little boy.

She told MailOnline: “When they took him out and there was no cry, my heart just sank. It wasn't a sad feeling, it was anger.

“I was almost upset at the doctors for wasting time trying to revive him, because I thought they were getting our hopes up for nothing and in my mind I was already so numb to the whole situation I just wanted them to stop.

“He was lifeless and there was nothing we could do. When the doctor sat next to me, I just said ‘he's gone isn't he? He's dead.’”

Thankfully, as Amy underwent a blood transfusion, a miracle happened and 13 minutes after giving birth she heard a nurse shout: “He's come back!”

Writing on, Amy said: “My little baby had come back from the dead on Halloween on October 31, 2015.

“They swept him and Gary away to intensive care, I didn’t get to hold him, I still hadn’t even seen his face, but he was alive.

“I didn’t know how healthy he was but that didn’t matter right now. I had a son somewhere in that hospital.”

Four days later, Amy was finally allowed to hold her “miracle zombie baby”, who she now calls “her whole world”, for the first time.

To celebrate his first birthday, Amy said she thought the zombie-themed cake smash would be fitting following the ordeal.

But, she was left shocked after posting the snaps got her removed from various Facebook mum groups.

She told MailOnline: “I got told I was a bad mother, that I was going to damage his mental health, that I would make him sick eating that cake off the dirt.”

She added: “I knew that I couldn't just do a ‘naked baby with a blue cake in a studio’ type shoot.

“It had to be big, special and meaningful. We always called him our little zombie because he was brought back from the dead on Halloween – so I thought let's have him eating a brain.”

While she expected some reaction to the snaps, Amy was surprised at the extent of the trolling.

She went on to say that the trolls shouldn’t waste their energy commenting on everything they don’t like and that “doesn’t affect them” as the old saying goes: "If you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.”

She told “I was, in all honesty, slaughtered by these mothers — but they didn’t know our story. They didn’t even bother to learn it, and we didn’t care”.

What do you think?

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