Online cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch reveals the one product you need for a sparkling hob…. and you can pick it up in Poundstretchers

Well if anyone can inspire us to get tidying the kitchen, it's self-described "cleaning mad" Instagram star Mrs Hinch… and you can even pick up her latest must-have in Poundstretchers.

Famous for her flawless home decor taste and fun take on tidying, 28-year-old Sophie Hinchcliffe has catapulted to internet stardom for her budget-friendly hacks.

Taking to Instagram to reveal her oven cleaning must-haves, the former hairdresser recommended that her 377,000 followers also give their hobs a "little love" using budget paste The Pink Stuff.

And for just £1 from Poundsavers, this has got to be our favourite cleaning hack yet.

Filming one of her classic cleaning tutorials,  Sophie starts by "putting a generous amount" on her cleaning cloth before giving the surface a thorough wipe down.

Ever the houseproud perfectionist, Sophie jokes that she finds this step "a bit too much fun".

After this, she then "leaves it for a little while" for the pink paste to work its magic… but not before she writes her name in the residue, obvs.

Having waited a "few minutes", Sophie then wipes down the hob using a damp cloth for that super sparkling shine.

What can we say? Thanks to Mrs Hinch, we're total cleaning converts.

  • Stardrops Pink Stuff Paste, £4.50 for 500g – buy now

While you can currently pick up the Mrs Hinch-approved product in your local Poundstretchers, savvy internet shoppers can stock up on the magic pink paste for £4.50 on Amazon where it is currently a number one best-seller.

Just call it the Mrs Hinch effect…

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