Parents share photos of the eye-popping destruction caused by their cheeky kids… including a cute love note scratched on a car BONNET

And a hilarious gallery of the destruction tots have left in their wake shows exactly why.

From cheeky kids chucking their books down the loo, to a loving note scratched into a car bonnet – these tots certainly love mischief.

No doubt these kids' parents were in for quite a shock when they discovered this bunch.

Here's some of the funniest times tots have been totally destructive.

What's the worst thing your little one has ever done?

It's meant for your teeth…

Top draw?

Cat's not nice…

Art attack

Loo done it?

Not so sweet?

We're sure mum wasn't too made-up with this…

Water joke…

In for a choc

Ones to loo-se?

Cereal offender

Poop pup

Not so smooth(ie)

Doggy day care


Worst nightmare

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