Plus-size model claims she's constantly likened to Meghan Markle

While we've seen a fair few goodies, this plus size model certainly does bear an uncanny resemblance to the newly crowned Duchess.

Erica Lauren, from Los Angeles, has been told she resembles the former actress since she started modelling – with people pointing out she looked like the "girl from Suits".

And we can see where they are coming from, thanks to her similarly immaculately blow-dried brown locks, expertly arched brows and flawless skin.

Erica has taken the comparison as a huge compliment.

She told INSIDER: "I find Meghan stunning so I’m extremely flattered."

"I can’t necessarily deny there are some similarities.

"I’m also half black and half white like she is, and I even saw a photo of Meghan in the news from when she was young and it looked so much like I did at the same age."

Check out more of Erica's pics on her Instagram page.


On Mondays we work 😉

A post shared by Erica Lauren M (@theericalauren) on

On Mondays we work 😉

A post shared by Erica Lauren M (@theericalauren) on

We previously told how Danielle Harris, 33, bears such an extraordinary resemblance to the former Suits actress that she is mistaken for her at least four times a week.

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And who remembers that awkward moment three Meghan "lookalikes" went head-to-head in a competition on Lorraine – but none of them looked anything like her?

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