Primark's released £5 Friends-themed Christmas tree ornaments – and they are incredible

Because the budget chain has released amazing £5 Christmas tree decorations.

The cute little baubles are a tiny mug and the iconic sofa from the show's famous New York coffee shop, Central Perk.

They will add a special something to any tree – and a talking point when the family come round for Christmas.

This isn't the first time Primark has dropped brilliant Friends merchandise lately.

A few months ago we went gooey over a pink knotted tee they released bearing Ross' famous saying: "We were on a break."

And we reckon Phoebe Buffay would approve of Primark’s "You’re my lobster" Friends-themed night shirt – a bargain at £8.90.

Primark is also selling Friends-themed homeware…including a cute duvet set.

While Aldi is selling a 10ft paddling pool for £30 – and it’s cheaper than Amazon.

And this is the £6 hack that’ll let big boobed girls wear backless dresses this summer.

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