Prince George is set to start school in September and the uniform Kate Middleton and Prince William will have to buy is ridiculously expensive

Prince George wil start school in September [Getty]

The son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and third in line to the throne, will officially start his education in September 2017.

Kate Middleton’s eldest child – who turns four in July – will go to Thomas’s Battersea School in London, which is just 20 minutes from Kensington Palace and costs £6,000 a term.

Releasing a statement on Twitter, Kensington Palace wrote: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have announced that Prince George will attend Thomas’s Battersea School in London from September 2017.”

But the cost of Prince George’s lavish school lifestyle will see Kate and Prince William fork out nearly £400 on his school uniform a year.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared this photograph with the public when Prince George started nursery [Getty]

An extensive uniform list on the school’s website reveals that Princess Charlotte’s brother is required to have winter, summer, sports and art kits as well as accessories, all of which can be purchased at John Lewis by Peter Jones.

Here’s what he’ll need…

Winter uniform 

One Thomas’s navy jacket £36.00

One Thomas’s navy v-neck jersey £25.00

Two red polo necks £20.00 for two

One to two navy bermudas £23.00

Two to three pairs of long red/blue regulation socks £28.00 for two

One pair of navy gloves (optional) £7.00

One navy hat (optional) £7.00

One pair of black polishable shoes (laceless)

One navy scarf (optional)

Prince George’s winter school uniform [John Lewis]

Summer uniform

two short sleeved light blue shirts £22.00

One white sun hat £6.00

Two to three pairs of navy ankle socks

Prince George’s summer school uniform [John Lewis]

Sports kit

One Thomas’s navy tracksuit £24.00

One white t-shirt £6.00

One house coloured t-shirt (when House is known) £7.00

One pair of navy games/gym shorts £3.00

One pair of trainers (laceless, not plimsols) £7.00

One Thomas’s cagoule (optional) £22.00

One navy cloth games/gym bag £9.00

Two pairs of white sport socks

Prince George’s sports school kit [John Lewis]

Art uniform

One red art smock £30.00


One Thomas’s rucksack £13.00

The full school uniform list on Thomas’s Battersea School’s website [Thomas’s Battersea School]

Altogether, Prince George’s uniform costs nearly £400, which is 75 per cent more than the average UK parent, who spends £210 on primary school uniform according to a report from the Department of Education.

Imagine how cute he’ll look on his first day of school though? We can’t WAIT for the pictures.


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