Ralph Lauren’s nephew gets in on the “gorpcore’ trend

When Greg Lauren got his hands on shiny Moncler puffer jackets and vests, scissors flashed and feathers flew.

The designer and artist reinvented the brand’s nylon performance pieces, disassembling and putting them back together with vintage materials. The unexpected collaboration (dubbed “Collide — Greg Lauren & Moncler”) represents his artisanal take on luxury Alpine activewear.

“I love taking the fabric from a piece and using it in a completely different and unexpected way,” the 47-year-old tastemaker tells Alexa. “Mixing the classic and the elegantly destroyed, the old and the new, the perfect with the imperfect … this excited me.”

Fashion scion Lauren (his uncle is the legendary designer Ralph Lauren and his father, Jerry, has been Ralph’s creative director for men’s design for almost 45 years) has always been a fan of textiles with age and personality, integrating them into his own eponymous men’s and women’s lines.

“My favorite approach to my own collection is to begin with something iconic, something classic and known by everyone at first sight, and to deconstruct it and rebuild,” notes the former actor, who appeared in “Boogie Nights” and “The Wedding Planner” and is married to actress Elizabeth Berkley. “I grew up collecting and wearing vintage clothing, and I’ve always been curious about our universal obsession with it, especially military and work clothing.”

Greg Lauren mixes up Moncler looks for a cool new capsule Lauren created 36 styles for men and women in his Moncler capsule, including a black down coat merged with an olive field jacket, and a red hoodie finished with a frayed-jean cuff and trim. The limited-edition collection hits Moncler flagships in New York and Beverly Hills (as well as Moncler’s website and select Barneys stores) early next month. Only 572 garments were produced.

The mashup is just the latest in a string of Moncler collabs with experimental designers, including Sacai, Visvim and Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh. Each time, the objective is to update and innovate the brand’s staples. For his effort, Lauren incorporated well-worn military canvas, distressed denim and antique indigo. “I handpicked each piece which told a story: the most interesting fade, remnant of a scribble, a repair, a grommet.”

He also had a little assistant on the job. “I bring [4-year-old son] Sky to the studio all of the time, and he loves helping make things, especially in the more creative, artistic processes.” The adorable tyke has even been known to edit his father’s aesthetic impulses. “Once in a while he’ll say, ‘Daddy, too many patches!’”

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Source: http://nypost.com/2017/06/12/ralph-laurens-nephew-gets-in-on-the-gorpcore-trend/

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