Sam Faiers’ Sunday Brunch outfit sells out immediately despite Channel 4 viewers slamming The Mummy Diaries star for her cooking skills

Sam Faiers’ outfit on Sunday Brunch kicked up a fuss [Sunday Brunch/Twitter]

The Mummy Diaries star put her skills to the test and made a sea bass madras for viewers at home.

Sam – who is mum to her one-year-old son, baby Paul – received mixed reviews from Sunday Brunch viewers over ability to actually cook, but one thing that did go down well was her outfit.

Paul Knightley’s girlfriend wore white denim jeans with a white top and an open denim shirt.

Posing on Instagram after the Channel 4 show, Billie Faiers’ sister revealed her outfit was from All Bits London.

Sam Faiers revealed all on her embroidered flower denim open shirt [Sam Faiers/Instagram]

She wrote: “Lola denim shirt I wore on Sunday Brunch is now online @allbitslondon £31.”

But fans quickly realised they couldn’t find the shirt, and took to Twitter to question the reality television star.

Commenting, one fan asked: “@SamanthaFaiers where was your denim top from you wore on @SundayBrunchC4 ? it was lovely.”

Another added: “@SamanthaFaiers where was your denim jacket from on Sunday brunch xxx.”

Sam Faiers looked stunning for her stint on Channel 4 [Sam Faiers/Instagram]

While one commented: “@SamanthaFaiers your denim shirt was lovely on @SundayBrunchC4 this morning, where is it from ? X.”

However, following Sam’s controversial appearance on the show, who shirt became unavailable just hours after she posted it.

All Bits London have since announced the shirt has shockingly sold out, leaving lots of fans upset.

The alternative number feature flower embroidery and top tie ropes with loose fit puffy sleeves.

Sam Faiers denim shirt from All Bits London has sold out [All Bits London]

Keep an eye out though, because Sam is forever restocking her favourite bits.

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