Sex worker reveals she fell in love with a customer… and he's fine with her still sleeping with other men for cash

The woman, who is known as “Bubbles”, 53, said she was originally making a lot of money from her partner when they first met, and that he is still fully supportive of her job today.

Bubbles, who has worked in the sex industry for 18 years, explained that she had experienced a genuine connection with the man.

The New Zealand-based worker told Femail: “I have a very high sex drive. I'm a bit like a male in that I like a bit of variety and he's okay with that. But it's a rare thing.”

Although they are now together, Bubbles hasn’t given up her work and the couple are open about any boundaries they have.

She explained: “We've discussed what works for us. Some things like kissing are totally out of bounds because it's important we keep that as some things just between us.”

The couple use the money Bubbles makes in her sex work to pay for holidays, and even have a cruise planned round New Zealand for later on in 2018.

The sex worker lifted the lid on how she got into the industry, and said that brothels wouldn’t take her due to her being “bigger” than other women.

She said she needed money for a car, and a friend suggested she leave her job working in a factory to get paid for sex, as she loved it so much.

Bubbles explained: “'I found myself a private house and ended up a bit of a rarity at the time as there weren't many larger ladies around then.”

She has since gone on to work in parlours and said that she is extremely safe when it comes to sleeping with her clients.

Her typical clients are mainly older men, with one being 80 years old, and she charges around £63 (NZ$120) for a full package service that usually lasts an hour.

This includes sex, a massage, a blow job and a hand job – although they can pay extra for “backdoor" and kissing.

Some of the guys that book her, however, look extremely young.

Bubbles told The Cut: "Some look so young that I have to ask them for ID because the law say that you have to be 18 to pay for sex."

She works part-time as she has been spending the last eight years getting a degree in social work, but she rakes in around £316 ($NZ600) per week.

Sex work in New Zealand was fully decriminalised in 2003 and she admitted she can be more open with wording used to advertise her services and be strict on condom use.

Bubbles said: "Because my work is legal, if anything goes wrong, the police have to help. Before the law changed I had a panic button and a cricket bat under my bed.

"I once broke a client’s finger because he tried to take his condom off mid-sex.

"Looking back, I shouldn’t have worked with him. We were at his house and the first room he took me to had bunk beds. I said, 'I am not having sex in your children’s bedroom!'"

She admitted she loves what she does and would find it very tricky to give it up completely, but wishes experiment in the world of bondage or being a dominatrix.

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