I spent £10,000 to get a Meghan Markle nose and smile – even though my man hates it

Tracy Kiss, 30, from Buckinghamshire, fell in love with Meghan’s distinctive snub nose as soon as she saw her hand-in-hand with Prince Harry.

And when the Royal couple got engaged in November 2017, Tracy, mum to Millisent, 10, and Gabrielle, six, got on the phone and started calling plastic surgery clinics to try and secure her own Markle nose.

She was even prepared to spend her savings and hit the credit cards to make sure she got what she wanted.

Eventually she settled on Dr Alexander Aslani at the Serene Cosmetic Clinic in Marbella, Spain, and in May travelled there with her two children and boyfriend Freddie Shaw, 27, to have the surgery.

She watched the Royal Wedding while in recovery in her hospital bed, covered in a "bizarre white mask and my nose encased in an aluminium cast".

Tracy insists she doesn't regret her surgery… even though Freddie hates it.

“He wasn't sympathetic after the surgery,” said Tracy.  “He kept screwing up his nose at me and making fun of my cast and bruises. In fact he told me I needed work done."

She carried on: "He was a typical man sitting back while I recovered, questioning me about whether or not a new nose would really make me happy.

“I told him it's my face, my nose and any bloke I date has to get used to the fact I am obsessed with plastic surgery.”

Despite Freddie's reaction, Tracy was delighted – admitting she "felt like royalty".

“My nose was completely numb and I couldn’t feel it,” Tracy said. “I looked like I had done five rounds with Mike Tyson. I didn't care though I knew I'd had got a permanent touch of royalty.”

Personal trainer Tracy, who is also trying to replicate former Suits actress Meghan’s toned boy through intensive yoga sessions, admitted she could have just had fillers on her nose – but she wanted more.

"I could have had fillers to create a temporary nose like Meghan but my surgeon told me I'd be happier with surgery,” revealed Tracy.

“I didn't take much convincing. I felt amazing knowing I'd soon have a nose like Harry's bride.

“She is absolutely beautiful and knowing I have a nose like her… well, some of her royalty rubs off on you doesn't it?”

Tracy is a particular fan of the ‘ski jump’ style-snub at the bottom of Meghan’s nose.

"I wanted some permanent Markle sparkle,” she said. “I was desperate to replace my horrible nose with her pert one.

“I know it is a lot of money but I see it as an investment in my future.

"It's the perfect shape and size.

“It’s very feminine and a little quirky. It's got character and isn't boring.”

Tracy, who monitors the shape of her nose on a daily basis, continued: “I can't stop touching my nose. It's given me more confidence and I feel like a princess."

However, Tracey's royal makeover however didn't just include a nose job.

She also spent £4,000 on teeth-whitening and braces, so keen is she to replicate Meghan’s smile.
And she is very strict about what she consumes.

"I try to drink and eat only clear or white fluids and foods," she confessed.

"I also go for weekly teeth whitening sessions. I spent thousands having them straightened two years ago and seeing Meghan's perfect pout has made me more determined to keep them perfect."

Tracy told how, while she liked Kate Middleton, Meghan was her number one Royal lady.

"Meghan's smile dazzles even next to Kate and that makes people notice you," she said.

"Meghan has proven that even a member of the Royal Family can wear off-the-shoulder dresses and jackets and look incredibly regal and stylish.
"Using Meghan as my surgery role model I've changed my body and my face."

Freddie, who works in finance, said: "I get that women are obsessed with Meghan.

“But they don't need to go changing their face. Tracey loves to tinker with her look but she doesn't need to. Why are women like that?”

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