‘Station 19’ Star Danielle Savre on Embracing Her Curves

Strong is the new sexy! When Station 19 star Danielle Savre is on set, she covers up in heavy firefighting gear. But when she’s off the clock, the blonde beauty embraces her curvy figure and let’s loose. And not only is the star opening up about it in LaPalme Magazine’s summer issue, but we’ve got an exclusive first look at the interview!

“Being a firefighter is a tough job physically. Even in terms of acting,” Savre, 29, says in the cover story. “We use the real equipment, which can weigh about 120 lbs. The tank is 60 lbs alone. Someone has to stand behind you and hold you up.”

After hours, Savre, who portrays Maya Bishop on the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff series, opts to flaunt her figure — but it hasn’t always come easy.

“I’ve had to fight the stereotype thing … We have to navigate this as women,” she insists. “I have boobs and a butt and I’ve had casting people tell me to lose weight and photographers telling me to flaunt it. Do I cover up and hide it? It’s who I am. Some days I wish I had no boobs and no butt and no curvy legs. It’s an interesting terrain we women have to deal with — and a constant.”

Back in March, the ABC star sat down with Stylish and shared tips for dressing to flatter her frame. “Skinny jeans are so in right now, so trying to find a skinny jean that doesn’t make me look curvier than I already am is hard,” she said at the time. “I think when you’re curvier, the tip is trying to accentuate the waist as much as you can.”

Savre also opened up about feeling confident in her firefighting gear on set. “I think sexy can also be powerful, you know? What’s great is that even though our outfits aren’t considered sexy, it’s still so powerful to be a woman wearing that stuff,” she dished. “So I think that resonates very sexy while we’re filming and getting to wear those things. But when Danielle gets to come out when I’m not filming, I get to have a lot of fun.”

LaPalme Magazine’s creative director and stylist, Derek Warburton, also reveals to Stylish why Savre was the perfect choice for their summer issue.

“She is an incredible actress. From being a cheerleader to a firefighter, Danielle is an actress in the true sense of the word,” Warburton raves of the Bring It On alum. “When I approached her to do this shoot, I said I wanted to style her in a way that no one has ever seen her. Of course her response was, ‘Of course! You know I’m all about character.’ How can you argue with that?”

Catch Savre leading the Station 19 team against the Grey’s Anatomy team on ABC’s Celebrity Family Feud on Sunday, July 22. Season 2 of Station 19 airs on ABC this fall.

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