These Trendy Nike Trainers Are Taking Us Back to the ’90s

Fashion is cyclical, so it should come as no surprise that certain styles and trends are always recurring. But, this didn’t hit home for me until some of my favorite fashion babes threw me into a time warp straight back to the ’90s, by rocking Nike’s Air Max 95 trainers.

Although the retro style has been updated with various iterations, as a trainer purist, the classic version with the lace loops, wavy panels, and thick sole complete with the air bubbles are still refreshingly relevant. Allow me to convince you, by reading on for four ways to style them, and then join me in shopping your way back to the ’90s.

Make No Mistake — These Pink Nike Sneakers Will Sell Out Immediately

Nike 95 Sneakers With Leather
Nike 95 Leather Trainers
Nike 95 Suede Sneakers
Nike 95 Premium Leather Sneakers
Nike 95 Sneakers
Nike 95 Leather Trainers
Nike 95 Leather and Mesh Trainers
Nike 95 Sneakers With Suede

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