Woman reveals her ingenious life hack for folding fitted sheets… and her video tutorial will leave you in hysterics

Terri Estep Metz, from Indiana, shared a video about folding laundry.

Her weird and wonderful method has since gone viral after racking up 38 million views since being uploaded to Facebook.

Terri, also a grandmother, decided to tackle one of the trickier items in the washing basket: the folded sheet.

Her video, entitled: “Life hack for a Fitted sheet fold” begins with Terri explaining how she hates folding her laundry.

She says: “So I just got my sheets out the dryer, and I always hate that because I hate folding sheets.

“But I know everybody does so today I’m going to show you the easiest way ever to fold a fitted sheet."

Her method could herald a new era for laundry folding, folded sheets known for being a tricky item to fold neatly.

She begins by saying: “What you want to do is you take your sheet and lay it down on the ground like that, just like that.

“Then you want to put one leg in that side, one leg in that side, and then you’re going to want to sit down.

“And then you want to hook an arm in this one and an arm in this one.

“So then what you’re going to do next is lay your body down.

“And you may be happy to lay down because you’re already wore out at this point because folding sheets is nonsense.

“And the next step, take the left side of your body and slowly roll it over.”

The person filming can be heard sniggering in the background as Terri then begins to roll herself up in the sheet.

But she continues to narrate her method for folding, continuing: “At this point you take this corner and tuck it up in that corner; therefore you have freed a hand.

“And what you do now is you is just genius. Slowly take out a leg, and then you slowly take out another leg and gingerly roll your body out.

“And then you get up at this point then you do once twice, bingo baby!

“Is that not beautiful shove that baby in the linen closet.”

Ever since she shared her video, Terri has been on US TV shows talking about her crazy folding method.

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