Woman shares side-by-side snaps of Instagram pics versus raw real life shots to show her ‘flaws’

Aylish Rutherford, 21, has been transforming her body through weight training to go from 7st 6lbs to 8st 51lbs, and she eats up 2,100 calories a day.

Aylish, from South Shields, has documented her journey on Instagram, where she has racked up 130,000 followers.

But alongside photos showcasing her sculpted body she also shares the unflattering photos most people don’t want to post.

Aylish said: “I know how it feels to want to look like a ‘perfect Insta girl’ when they simply do not exist.

“Absolutely every human on this earth has their flaws and this is what I want to show my audience.

“We should love our bodies and especially our imperfections, so I am more than happy to plaster my "flaws" on Instagram, if that then makes other young girls realise their bodies are worth loving.”

She shared photos of her firm derriere "perfectly posed in perfect lighting" alongside the same shot in in "horrendously unflattering angles with poor lighting".

Aylish also shares snaps and videos of her stretch marks, cellulite and “uneven wonky bits” in a bid to show that no perfect body exists.

She added: “It is a one second snapshot of someone’s body, at their best angle, with a filter and great lighting – yes they look beautiful and that is what they do look like, but they look exactly the same as you sprawled on the sofa eating their take away on the weekend!

“I only follow positive influences – I only follow accounts which portray good messages so I have a pleasant experience online.

“I think social media is what you make of it, I am sure there are unhealthy attitudes towards beauty somewhere on Instagram, but if you decide to not follow them, then they cannot cause harm.

“Forget about being *perfect* like everyone you see online, because the fact of the matter is… no one is actually flawless, focus on loving every inch of your body for what it is.”

With a high number of followers, the Food Science and Nutrition student said she wanted to use her platform for good.

Alongside her selfies, she also posts workout pictures and videos and shares health tips.

She said: "All women and even men around the world should see this, very important, because we forget too easy that social media is not reality and that we don't look flawless all day, everyday.

“I have a platform that I like to use wisely."

Encouraging others to find their own health and fitness path, she said to find form of exercise you truly love.

She added: “Find good foods you genuinely love the taste of, don't just eat it because it’s "healthy.”

And tips for Insta pics? “Use natural lighting” she said.

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