25 Celebs Reimagined As Avengers

For ten years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has dominated the box office. The MCU has been utterly brilliant taking these often complex characters with decades of history and making them work for non-comic book fans nicely. They have crafted a universe where the movies are very connected and wild turns abound and make even second-tier guys like Ant-Man into huge stars. It’s paid off as Infinity War has smashed all box office records and fans are more than eager to see what’s to come. The slate includes Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, an Infinity follow-up, and sequels to various guys like Spider-Man and Black Panther. With so many comics about, the possibilities are endless although many folks worry about what happens when some actors inevitably have to bow out and be recast.

That’s why “fan-casting” has become so popular. Yes, it’s been around for a while but thanks to the Internet, fans can spend hours debating on who they think is best suited to play certain roles. That’s led to photoshopping posters featuring various stars in the comic book parts. It used to be just putting the head on an actual bit that looked pretty bad. But as the programs have improved, so have the images, to the point where many can be mistaken for the real thing. From simply swapping the genders of character to the full imagining of someone else in a part, fans truly go wild figuring out who may be right for some parts. Here are 25 fantastic pieces of art reimagining celebrities as Avengers.

25 Rooney Mara as Lokia

Okay, Loki may not be an Avenger but he is critical to the team. In fact, in the comic Loki attempting to destroy Thor is what brought the Avengers together in the first place. The movies do their best to stay pretty similar considering Loki’s attack on Earth. Tom Hiddleston’s performance as the trickster made the character a fan favorite. Thus, he keeps coming back in various Thor sequels and even made an appearance in Infinity War. He can be twisted and sneaky with plans upon plans but some of the time, it looks like he’s doing this just for fun. He does love Asgard, no matter what, and while his double-crossing is constant, Thor still loves him. No matter what, they remain close brothers.

There’s actually a history for a female Loki. In one storyline, a cosmic shift forced Loki into a female body for a time and enjoyed using her beauty to throw off Thor and other heroes. It turned out Loki could have gone back to being a man at any time and just did this for laughs. This image is fantastic in casting Rooney Mara in the role. The actress is best known as Lisbeth Slander in the U.S. version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and the image is amazing with her in the armor and even the wicked smile. If Loki ever does manage to return, he might try a female form and Mara would be perfect in it.

24 Tom Cruise as Iron Man

In many ways, Iron Man was the perfect character to kick off the MCU. The story arc has always been great. The beginning starts off with the arrogant Tony Stark being ironically captured by men who are using his own weapons against the United States. To keep himself alive, he creates a prototype of the armor and decides to help people instead. Though he may be arrogant, and though he may have plans that tend to blow up in his face, he has a good heart. But he manages to make you sympathize for him, and even stand in awe at the power of his mind and talent. He is flawed (his longtime battle with the bottle) yet that’s what makes him better as a hero.

For years, Tom Cruise was the name often mentioned in terms of who could play Tony Stark. He had the handsome look and the star power for the role. Cruise can also bring good dramatic chops, easily selling Tony’s mix of arrogance, humor, and heroism that could make the role work well. In the Ultimate universe, it’s openly stated Cruise played Iron Man in a biopic of Tony’s life. This image makes you realize it could have worked out well and the fact that Cruise barely seems to age keeps a boyish quality to the part. Robert Downey Jr. is a perfect Tony in many ways but Cruise could have made the movies just as successful in his own right.

23 Teresa Palmer as Quicksilver

The MCU is hailed for making so many characters work out great on the big screen. Sadly, one character suffering badly was Quicksilver. That was mainly due to the fact that before he debuted, the X-Men franchise used him first in Days of Future Past. That scene of him taking out a room of guards in a literal second was a major crowd pleaser and far too good an act for Age of Ultron to top. Aaron Taylor-Johnson also didn’t come off too well in the role, his accent too distracting, and while he showed Pietro’s arrogance, he wasn’t given enough to do. The fact they wrote him off to distance themselves more from the X-Men movies didn’t give a chance to redeem the role either.

It’s too bad as the comic book character has a good following. Yes, he’s a jerk but he explained it once by pointing out he’s in a world where everyone else moves at a super-slow pace and he’s annoyed they can’t keep up. This image has Australian actress Teresa Palmer looking amazing in the form-fitting costume, her blond hair flowing and a smile Pietro didn’t show as much. The X-Men movies were better for the character but maybe Palmer could have made Quicksilver take off better for MCU fans.

22 Mila Kunis as Betty Banner

One of the most acclaimed Hulk writers ever was Peter David whose decade-long stint on the comic is considered a high point. It was David who came up with the idea that Bruce Banner had multiple personalities. Thanks to a bad childhood, Bruce locked away all his anger and tried to ignore it, creating a new persona. When the gamma bomb exploded, it caused that particular personality to emerge as the classic monstrous Hulk. A new personality would integrate Bruce’s intellect with a harder edge to be the grey-skinned Hulk. For a time, the personalities were together so we had a Hulk with Banner’s mind but he’s sadly gone back to how the Hulk is a near mindless brute when enraged.

This fan image takes a unique view in casting Mila Kunis as Banner. The actress is best known as Jackie on That ‘70s Show and slews of various movies that show off her more appealing side. That might seem an odd choice for Banner but this image looks great. She would do amazing as a scientist. It’s the genius touch of the green eyes that sell her inner beast that could burst out at any time. If anything, the idea of this small lady transforming into the monster is even better and shows Kunis could be a nice showcase for how the contrast of Banner and the Hulk makes the character work.

21 Chris Pine as Black Spider

Natasha Romanoff was created in the 1960s when the USSR was still “the evil empire” and spy stories abounded. She had a rather light costume at the time, more a seductive temptress trying to seduce Tony Stark to her side. Eventually, she adapted to the jumpsuits. She would go on and have relationships with Hawkeye and Daredevil and spent time as an Avenger. Recent storylines have her shifting back to her spy roots as a freelance operative. For all her talk about wanting a “normal life”, Natasha knows being a spy is in her blood and she just can’t give that up no matter what. She’s not above using her looks to get the job done and trained hard to do what it takes.

This image is part of a popular “gender-swapping” of Marvel characters. In this case, the Widow is taken up by Chris Pine, a man well known for great action parts. He’s been Captain Kirk in the rebooted Star Trek series, Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman and more. He’s handsome enough to sell the seductive spy look but can back it up with good fighting skills. He has a very practical outfit that looks great but not too obtrusive and the red hair even looks good on him. He might need a different name but Pine could handle the same great looking spy role as the Widow.

20 Jason Momoa as Drax

Like many MCU characters, Drax has changed a lot from the comics to the screen. The character was a regular human whose family was taken out in an energy blast from Thanos, and so he made destroying Thanos his life mission. The character has shifted over the years, sometimes quite intelligent while other times dumb as a post. One consistent thing is that he always has the giant build that could rival the Hulk. It was a 2005 storyline that had Drax reborn into a new body, smaller but deadlier and more intelligent. That’s become the Drax we know today. In the comics he did manage to do some serious damage to Thanos.

In the movies, casting former pro wrestler Dave Batistau in the role has paid off as he looks great while selling Drax’s offbeat humor and taking things quite literally. However, this image shows another beefy warrior type who could have been great in the part. Jason Moamoa has been known for his great work on Game of Thrones and other movies, handsome but quite a good build. He’s managed to make Aquaman nothing like a joke in Justice League and his upcoming movie. This picture shows he would have been a perfect Drax in build, tattoos and maybe even fiercer to make the character shine.

19 Willa Holland as Spider-Girl

The idea of a female Spider-Man is actually pretty common in Marvel. Thanks to the variety of alternate realities, there have been worlds where the Spider role is filled by Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy or even Aunt May. One very popular alternate future has Peter’s daughter, May, growing up to become a Spider-Girl in her own right. Another imagines Peter and Mary Jane raising their own daughter with all three donning costumes. That’s not mentioning yet another where a female clone of Peter takes on a role. And even the regular Marvel Universe has a couple of Spider-Women. It’s thus easy to imagine the MCU using some sort of alternate reality bit to bring in a female Spidey of some sort despite how Peter Parker is still getting used to the role.

This pic uses Willa Holland in a red costume. The young actress has had roles on The O.C. and other series but rose to fame as Thea Queen in Arrow. Starting off as a spoiled brat, Thea soon became trained to don a red-colored costume as Arsenal and great in action scenes. This pic is good with her in a laid-back sweater but the Spider costume under it and the dark wool cap over the red hair as Holland sells a good expression. If they ever bring a female Spidey into the MCU, this shows Holland should be tops on the list for it.

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18 George Clooney as Nick Fury

According to legend, Stan Lee was once bet by a publisher he couldn’t make a hit out of a World War II comic with “the worst title imaginable.” Lee won the bet by making Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos a smash for over twenty years. Nick Fury was the hard-as-nails commander of an Army unit who always beat the odds. He was so popular that Lee eventually brought him into the modern Marvel Universe. Fury led SHIELD (the acronym has changed several times), a super spy organization that has him helping the heroes but often gets into some dark stuff too. It was eventually explained that he had a special serum that kept him looking so much younger.

The alternate reality Ultimates series reimagined Fury looking like Samuel L. Jackson and that was who was cast in the MCU. However, in the early 2000s, there were plans for a Nick Fury solo movie with George Clooney mentioned. But according to rumors, Marvel made the mistake of giving Clooney a mini-series to portrayed Fury as a ruthless and horrible man which turned him off to the role. But this image shows that Clooney could have done well in the part with the greying temples and that iconic eyepatch. Jackson is a fine movie Fury but Clooney could have made the part just as great.

17 Katee Sackhoff as Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers was an Air Force colonel when she ran into the original Captain Marvel (a Kree warrior called Mar-Vell). One adventure had her hit with a blast of cosmic energy that gave her powers of flight, super strength and energy blasts. She balanced the life of a heroine called Ms. Marvel with working for a women’s magazine. The book really pushed a lot of the 1970s feminist era and can thus seem a bit dated. But Carol remains popular, going through a variety of identities like Warbird and handling various issues. Eventually, she took on the role of Captain Marvel and stood tall as a heroine in the Marvel Universe.

Fans have been eager to see her in the MCU and it will finally happen with Oscar winner Brie Larson in the role. But for years, fans had believed Katee Sackhoff would be terrific in the part. That’s mainly due to her most famous role as Starbuck in the acclaimed Battlestar Galactica. The hotshot pilot with a very troubled side matches Carol nicely and images like this have placed Sackhoff in the costume and her flying abilities. Larson will no doubt be great in the role yet more than a few fans wish it was Starbuck taking off in the costume.

16 Jensen Ackles as Hawkeye

When Hawkeye first appeared, he was a bad guy. To be fair, Clint Barton had been trying to do the hero bit but was seduced by the Black Widow into going after Iron Man which got him into trouble. However, he showed up at Avengers Mansion, asking to join and prove himself. He sure did although he clashed with Captain America a lot in the early going and went too far in showing his ego. But Hawkeye eventually became a steady member, his archery skills winning several battles and even led the West Coast branch of the team for several years. While he has taken time off for his personal stuff, Hawkeye can always be counted on to help when need be and thus made perfect sense for him to be among the first members of the team in the MCU.

Jeremy Renner has been a good choice in the part, bringing a nice edge to the role. Some fans do prefer this Hawkeye as he is more the wisecracker in the films than he is in the comics. Which is why Jensen Ackles was a popular choice for a while. The actor is best known for his role as Dean Winchester in the long-running Supernatural series which shows dramatic edges around his constant joking around. This pic shows how perfect he would be in the role. If anyone has seen him as Dean, they’d know what a great Hawkeye he would make, as his natural humor and charm would add to the role.

15 Milla Jovovich as Black Widow

Marvel has had to face the troublesome issue of how the passing of so many decades alters some characters. The Widow is a fine example as she was created during the Cold War and her KGB past is key to the character. An issue would showcase how Wolverine and Captain America saved a child named Natasha in the 1940s. This, naturally, would mean she’d be pushing a century old in the modern timeline. There have been many explanations for it, including being frozen and an “Infinity Formula” that extends her youth. In the movies, they have not really addressed her age in that sense, but she has definitely suffered through some other types of trials.

While Scarlett Johansson is great in the role, Milla Jovovich was a choice pushed by fans before Iron Man 2. The actress is known for her amazing athleticism and ability to excel in various action parts. That includes The Fifth Element and the long-running Resident Evil series. She could be totally believable in the action scenes (perhaps even more than Johansson) and also some of the dramatic parts as well. Scarlett is great but this image shows Jovovich could have been a great Widow too.

14 Emma Stone as Spider-Woman

Every now and then, Marvel comes up with a character meant to be minor but turns them into a huge hit. In 2015, a big storyline called “Spiderverse” had a group of immortals hunting the Spider-champions of numerous alternate realities. One of these was a world where instead of Peter Parker, it was Gwen Stacy who was bitten by the radioactive spider. The character instantly connected to readers thanks to her cool costume and has since gotten her own book with fans loving looks at this other reality with Gwen. She’s popped up a few times teaming with Peter and other regular Marvel characters and shows how this Gwen is better off than her regular universe counterpart.

Obviously, the idea of Emma Stone in the role is very easy. The Oscar winner played the part in the two Amazing Spider-Man movies, showing a fun charm. Of course, that franchise ended after a disappointing second movie and the character of Peter moved into the MCU. But if they ever do alternate realities, having a “Spider-Gwen” popping up would be a fun surprise with Stone easily selling the humor and charm. This image shows she can rock that famed costume very nicely.

13 Natalie Dormer as Star Lady

The original version of Star-Lord bears almost no resemblance to the character fans know today. He was a true cosmic hero, complete with costume, pushing his alien half more than his human one. He was actually out of the limelight for years until a big cosmic storyline pushed him as the leader of a ragtag bunch of convicts on a mission. That would pave the way for the Guardians of the Galaxy reboot although it still had Peter Quill in a costume with the helmet and more the heroic leader type.

A Star Lady is a unique idea. Of course, whoever would play the part would have to be sure to add to their character the same quick wit and charm that Chris Pratt has given the loveable Peter Quill. That whole “I look like I know what I’m doing, but I really don’t” has become a favorite part of his personality among fans. But this image is fantastic by casting Natalie Dormer in the role. The actress is loved for her roles on The Tudors and Game of Thrones; she is utterly beautiful and yet can sell a deadly charm. It’s wonderful taking on the outfit down to the headphones and even nails Dormer’s trademark smirk. A Star Lady would be a unique turn and Dormer could sell the look nicely.

12 Emily Blunt as the Winter Soldier

For years, Bucky Barnes was considered the one sure-fire death in comic books. Captain America’s young sidekick in World War II, he vanished with Cap when the war ended. It was explained they were caught on an exploding plane, Bucky killed while Cap was thrown into the ocean where he’d be frozen for decades. But in 2005, writer Ed Brubaker not only brought Bucky back but came up with a fantastic twist. It turned out a maimed Bucky was rescued by the Soviets who brainwashed him to become the Winter Soldier. Their top agent, he would be turned loose on special jobs and then kept frozen for years in between (thus looking so young). Eventually, Steve was able to get Bucky to remember who he was and he’s now seeking to redeem his dark past, even becoming Captain America in the process.

The MCU has wonderfully used this with Sebastian Stan as Bucky in the first Cap movie and then the title role in The Winter Soldier and Civil War. The character works as a fighter but still driven to atone for his past. Casting Emily Blunt might work well as the actress has been a favorite for her roles as tough fighters who carry a lot of baggage. This image is great capturing her looking hot but deadly (complete with shadowing around the eyes) and thus Blunt selling the shadowy heat the Winter Soldier has.

11 Alison Brie as Captain America

There have actually been a few guys in the role of Captain America. When Cap was believed dead near the end of World War II, Jeffrey Mace took on the role to keep up morale. A twisted fan tried to be Cap in the 1950s but became paranoid and would attack anyone. A famous storyline had Steve give up the role rather than be a government stooge and the unstable US Agent ran with it for a while. Then there was Bucky Barnes who picked up the shield. And Sam Wilson was Cap for a while too. However, most believe that Steve Rogers can be the only true Cap, driven by his experiences in World War II and his unwavering belief in the best of America.

This popular picture imagines Alison Brie as a female Cap. The actress is best known as the quirky Annie on the cult comedy Community. She’s also achieved fame on the Netflix series GLOW, showcasing a great charm and some good athleticism. The bare mid-riff might be a bit much for a Super Soldier but Brie’s expression matches a battle-worn Cap who refuses to give up despite the odds. She may be an odd choice but this image makes one think Brie could fit the part nicely.

10 Johnny Depp as Doctor Strange

Stephen Strange is, frankly, a bit of a jerk. When he was a surgeon, he was a total egotist caring only for his reputation and how much money he could charge. That cost him when a car accident ruined his hands and his career collapsed. All he wanted was a cure to fix them when he sought out the mystic Ancient One. While Strange has redeemed himself as the Sorcerer Supreme, that ego still carries with him as the guy can be rather arrogant. More than once, that still blows up in his face as he’ll try to break his own rules to do what he thinks is right and that’s sometimes cost him his title and powers. That’s why Benedict Cumberbatch was a perfect choice for the role, to sell that arrogance and drive.

Over the years, various other actors were mentioned as potential Stranges. One big name for a while was Johnny Depp. The actor, of course, is known for some whacky roles from Jack Sparrow to Edward Scissorhands to Willy Wonka. He might have brought some of that to the part, that quirky edge although it’s arguable how he could sell the more dramatic parts of the character. This image imagines Depp working the look (complete with grey temples) and the perfect mustached goatee. While most feel Cumberbatch is perfect, this image shows Depp could have made his own good mark as the Sorcerer Supreme.

9 Jared Leto as Scarlet Warlock

Wanda Maximoff has been through quite the wringer in the comics and in the movies. A mutant with the power to alter probabilities, she’s mixed it with real magical training to be a true witch. But she has serious ups and downs. She married the Vision only for him to be reprogrammed and thus not able to return her love. She gave birth to twins only to discover they never truly existed. She also lost her mind and nearly destroyed the Avengers and that’s not mentioning the times she’s been possessed by a demon. Despite it all, Wanda keeps coming back to help the team with her abilities. The movies also have her going through terrible losses which makes it remarkable she still sticks around.

A “Scarlet Warlock” may not carry the same type of baggage but still a lot of pain. Jared Leto is an intriguing choice but this pic looks pretty good. The actor is known as a chameleon who vanishes into roles from his Oscar-winning turn in Dallas Buyers Club to playing the Joker. He actually looks cool with his beard and in the red jacket outfit, hands glowing with magic and could cast his own spell in this part rather well.

8 Rachel Weisz as She-Hulk

The character of She-Hulk was created in the 1970s as Marvel wanted to stop someone else from doing a “female Hulk rip-off.” Jennifer Walters was Bruce Banner’s cousin, injured by gangsters so Bruce gave her some of his blood. This allowed her to become a female Hulk but unlike him, she was able to keep her mind and reasoning. It also led to the great dynamic that the frumpy Jen loved being this tall powerhouse. She continues to be a heroine while also having a career as a lawyer. She fights crime in the office and on the streets. There’s a debate on whether that character can work in the MCU but it seems the idea of a female Hulk is just too obvious to not use eventually.

The choice of Rachel Weisz may be offbeat but then, so was the idea of Mark Ruffalo as Banner. The Oscar-winning actress rose to fame in The Mummy series and has since carved out a good career as a serious actress. She could sell the genius of Banner, but we think she would do amazing in all the parts where she would have to show how powerful she is. The image does a great job showing Weisz’s beautiful features transformed into the monstrous Hulk and looking great despite the ripped outfits. Until we see a real She-Hulk on screen, at least this image will tide you over.

7 Kerry Washington as Nicola Fury

Marvel has had to change some of their characters in regards to the MCU. Thanks to how the movies have brought in new readers, Marvel knows they may be confused as to why some characters are different than in the films. In the case of Nick Fury, they know fans will be baffled while the comic character is an older white man rather than Samuel L. Jackson. So in a storyline, a low-level Army colonel finds himself attacked by enemies. It turns out he’s Fury’s secret son and ends up losing an eye in the battle. Afterward, he takes on the name Nick Fury Jr. The character pops up a lot, now looking much like Jackson while the real Fury has faded into the background and thus lets the newbie reader see a Fury like the one they know.

A female Fury might be a tricky thing (most will claim the best version is DC’s, Amanda Waller). However, casting Kerry Washington would be notable. The gorgeous actress is, of course, best known for her role as Olivia Pope on the long-running Scandal. A woman who’s used to the sneaky moves of Washington, who can make the President back down on something and not afraid to get her hands dirty? That sounds a lot like Fury. This image has Washington not only looking great in the jumpsuit but rocking the eyepatch well. It just shows that even swapping genders can’t stop Fury from being cool at the spy game.

6 Zoe Saldana as the Falcon

Sam Wilson has been through a lot of changes over the years. He showed up as a guy on an island Steve Rogers ran into and Steve saw the potential in him to be a hero. He thus trained Sam to become the winged Falcon. However, a rough retcon imagined Sam to be a low-level street crook used by the Red Skull that didn’t go over well. Thankfully, he’s bounced back from that, a veteran Avenger and street hero. He even got to be Captain America himself when Steve briefly had to give up the role and did well with it. He was able to use his wings with the shield well and set himself as separate from Steve. He’s back as the Falcon but still doing what’s right.

A female Falcon is intriguing and this image has Zoe Saldana a great pick for the role. The actress is already connected to the MCU as Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy and a sci-fi veteran as Uhura in the new Star Trek movies as well as Avatar. However, she manages to look sexy in the role while also strong and tough and promising to fight well. While most prefer Saldana as Gamora, she could sure soar high as a female Falcon.

5 Katheryn Winnick as Captain Marvel

She always does her best but Carol Danvers has hit some rough patches. There was an infamous “pregnancy” that ended with her controlled by a stranger in what most regard as one of the worst stories Marvel ever published. She’s been depowered and taken on a new cosmic identity as Binary. There was also how “Civil War II” showed Carol going way too far trying to stop possible threats to the point of throwing people into jail just for what they might do. However, she’s been redeeming herself and acknowledging her mistakes, still doing her best to help others and proving herself as a champion.

For years, Katee Sackhoff was the go-to fan choice for the role of Carol Danvers. However, Katheryn Winnick has become quite popular as well. The actress rose to fame for her role as feisty warrior Lagertha on the hit series Vikings. She shows a gorgeous woman who will still fight better than most of the men and look great doing it. This image easily imagines Winnick fitting the role and while Brie Larson will no doubt be great, Winnick would be a top choice for the part as well.

4 Amber Heard as Captain America

One of Marvel’s most controversial moves was in 2016 when a new Captain America series closed with Steve throwing an ally off a ship and then proclaiming “Hail Hydra.” Naturally, there had to be some shenanigans and the explanation was wild. A living cosmic entity (influenced by the Red Skull) had rewritten Steve’s memories so he now believed he had been a lifelong deep cover mole for Hydra. This backfired majorly on the Skull as Steve, believing Hydra to be a noble crusade, took over and then led a takeover of the United States. The idea of America’s greatest hero basically turning into a fascist dictator caused a huge fuss. Thankfully, the same entity allowed the true, purer Steve to return and defeat his twisted double and try and redeem his name.

Hopefully, Marvel avoids that storyline as fans much prefer a heroic Cap through and through. They might also prefer Amber Heard in the part of a female Cap. The actress has been rising up with some hot roles, notably Mera in Justice League and the upcoming Aquaman. This outfit has her nicely rocking the military garb of the movie Cap and showing how a lady can fit the role quite well.

3 Sandra Bullock as Iron Maiden

Thanks to the movies, it’s been easy to accept how the public knows Tony Stark’s armored identity. But for decades in the comics, the status quo was that the public thought Iron Man was Stark’s personal bodyguard and special troubleshooter. This naturally caused some issues (more than once, Tony had to put up with someone bad-mouthing his “boss” to his armored face) and at one point, Tony had to “fire” Iron Man during a major storyline. Thus, Tony was actually relieved when he finally just came out and admitted to the world he was Iron Man to settle the whole thing. Since then, he’s been better at it and still a hero while also a brilliant CEO.

On the face of it, the idea of Sandra Bullock as an “Iron Maiden” might seem off. However, the Oscar-winning actress has forged a career playing tough and smart women, including a scientist in Gravity. She can show a darker edge if need be and carry the weight of a “Toni” who has to handle being a CEO, an Avenger, and various other issues. This pic actually makes her look good with the armor and could sell the idea of an Iron Maiden very well.

2 Shailene Woodley as Hawkeye

Clint Barton has been through a lot over the years. He’s been a villain, a hero, a convict, a leader and even dead for a little bit. But he keeps coming back with his sardonic humor and amazingly cocky but can back it up with his skills. The man is a consummate Avenger despite an acclaimed series that shows how he lives a less glamorous life outside the team. He’s a guy who has to make ends meet (those arrows and bows aren’t cheap) and often seems to feel a bit out of his league among so many superpowered types. But when push comes to shove, Hawkeye is right in the thick of things and the movies do showcase how a guy with a bow and arrow can be just as effective as anyone else.

This pic makes Shailene Woodley look amazing in the part. The actress came to attention in the ABC Family drama The Secret Life of the American Teenager. This led to more roles such as the Divergent franchise (which ended up canceled before it could end) and the HBO drama Big Little Lies. This image has her looking fantastic in the costume and short haircut and it can be easy to see Woodley hitting the bullseye as Hawkeye.

1 Jennifer Lawrence as Thor

In 2014, Marvel threw a big twist to the Thor mythos. A conflict caused Thor to no longer be worthy of holding his hammer, Mjolnir. It was picked up by someone else who became a new female Thor. After some teasing, Marvel finally revealed this was Jane Foster, Thor’s long-time girlfriend who had been fighting a disease. It led to some drama as it turned out that every time Jane became Thor, she accelerated her illness. But she was determined to fill the role and did a great job with it. Recently, it came to an end with Jane sacrificing her power in one great final battle but Thor himself honoring her as not merely a replacement but fully his equal as a heroine.

This pic imagines a female Thor as played by Jennifer Lawrence. The actress is one of the bigger names of Hollywood, the star of hits like The Hunger Games and X-Men, beloved for her quirky humor and yet also fantastic beauty. The idea of her as a female Thor would make sense and this sells a fiercer side of Lawrence she doesn’t show as much on screen. Thanks to this photo, it’s easy to imagine Lawrence as the Goddess of Thunder.

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