BESTie’s Uji and Dahye Leave Group and Terminate Contract With YNB Entertainment

The agency is considering various options to reorganize the group after the two singers decided to leave BESTie and terminate their contracts.

Jung Yu Ji a.k.a. Uji and Song Da Hye are now officially the former members of BESTie. On Tuesday, September 5, YNB Entertainment revealed that the two artists terminated their contracts with the agency after a long discussion.

They actually still had time left on the contracts, but YNB decided to respect their decision. YNB added that although nothing is confirmed, the agency considered to add new members to the group. Meanwhile, the remaining members Haeryung and Kang Hye Yeon will be focusing on individual activities for now.

A rep for YNB claimed they are considering various options in the meantime. “BESTie will undergo a reorganization in a number of ways including recruiting new members,” the rep stated. “However, they (Haeryung and Hyeyeon) will focus on their solo activities for now.”

While it is still unclear why Uji and Dahye decided to leave the group, it looks like they are going to pursue solo careers in the near future. Last year, R&B singer Mario revealed his plan to bring Uji to America. “You’d be blown away. You don’t expect that type of voice,” he said. “You can tell they grew up listening to some of the greatest.”

“I was like, ‘Wow, the world needs to hear that.’ I’m trying to figure that out now: How do I break an amazing, solo Korean girl artist in America?’ ” he continued. “How do I make that happen because she’s amazing…Her name is Uji and she’s really, really dope. We’re going to make that happen.”

BESTie debuted back in 2013 with single “Pitapat”. Following the success, they released other hit songs, including “Thank U Very Much” and “Like a Star”. In 2015, the girlband won the Next Generation Award at Golden Disk Awards.


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