Carrie Underwood is a 'Champion' in new Ludacris collab for Super Bowl

Justin Timberlake will be headlining the halftime show at Super Bowl LII (perhaps in some sort of flannel ensemble to match his new album’s purportedly country aesthetic), but it’s up to Carrie Underwood to open the show. The one-time American Idol winner has been opening Sunday Night Football for the past five NFL seasons, and now she’s doing something special for this Super Bowl. On Friday, Underwood released a new song, “The Champion,” that she’ll sing to kick off the championship game on Feb. 4.

As the name suggests, “The Champion” is a rousing sports anthem with lyrics about being indestructible and born to win. But lest you think the name is an accident, rapper Ludacris has a guest verse on “The Champion” in which he elucidates the meaning of every letter, acrostic style: C is for courage, H is for hurt, A is for attitude, M is for motivation, P is for perseverance, I is for innovation, O is for optimism, and N is for necessary.

The Super Bowl, of course, isn’t the only major sporting event on NBC this season. The network will also be incorporating “The Champion” into its coverage of the Winter Olympics.

Watch the lyric video for “The Champion” above.


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