Elvis Presley’s Most-Streamed Songs on YouTube, Pandora, Spotify

While a deathiversary tends to be a somber occasion, some 40 years after Elvis Presley’s death, it is pretty amusing to imagine what his reaction might be if he were to see a streaming service.

“All the music in the world comes outta that li’l bitty thing?” is just one possible comment.

Not surprisingly, streaming services’ reaction to Elvis Presley has been gargantuan. Variety pestered our friends at several major streaming services with requests for reams of data to see how the King has been faring in the cloud in advance of Aug. 16. The results show not only big numbers for his biggest hits like “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” “Suspicious Minds” and “Jailhouse Rock” but an unexpectedly high level of popularity for his Christmas music — particularly “Here Comes Santa Claus” — and, perhaps most surprising, the Junkie XL remix of “A Little Less Conversation.”

Certain numbers and statistics are missing from certain categories — the data below is everything we could convince the services to share with us, despite persistent (and probably annoying) requests; Amazon declined to provide data.

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— Elvis has received over 2.8 billion combined views across YouTube and has averaged over 4.4 million views a day over the past week.

— Elvis currently ranks amongst the top 200 artists of all time on YouTube, and remains more popular than Kanye West, Fall Out Boy, Lana Del Rey, or Whitney Houston.

— Last year Elvis saw a view spike of 74% on his birthday and 44% on the anniversary of his passing (relative to his daily average for 2016).

— Elvis sees his largest views of the year on Christmas eve, with tracks like “Here Comes Santa Claus” (1.5M views), “Silver Bells” (482K views) and “Can’t Help Falling in Love” (278K views) combining with other classics to yield 7.9 million views.

— He’s reached over 1 million views in 100 countries.

— Unusually, the cities where he’s most popular all fall outside of the U.S.:

#1 – Santiago, Chile

#2 – Sao Paolo, Brazil

#3 – Mexico City, Mexico

Top 10 Elvis Videos (via ElvisPresleyVEVO):

Elvis Presley – Can’t Help Falling In Love (Audio) – 60,868,414 views

Junkie XL, Elvis Presley – A Little Less Conversation (Elvis vs JXL) – 15,211,824 views

Elvis Presley, Martina McBride – Blue Christmas – 11,947,508 views

Elvis Presley – Burning Love (Audio) – 10,763,269 views

Elvis Presley – Suspicious Minds (Viva Elvis) – 10,417,210 views

Elvis Presley – Jailhouse Rock (Audio) – 9,999,431 views

Elvis Presley – Suspicious Minds (Audio) – 9,974,827 views

Elvis Presley – (You’re The) Devil in Disguise (Audio) – 6,264,193 views

Elvis Presley – Hound Dog (Audio) – 6,093,642 views

Elvis Presley – Heartbreak Hotel (Audio) – 4,774,022 views

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Most spins (in millions). Note that “Teddy Bear” appears twice, presumably in different versions.

From his biggest hits ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ and ‘Hound Dog’ to when he landed his first hit with ‘Heartbreak Hotel,’Elvis’ fans have streamed his music over 1 billion times, the equivalent of almost 4,000 years of streaming. They’ve streamed his most popular song “Can’t Help Falling in Love” globally more than 90 million times, followed by “Suspicious Minds” with 69 million streams and ‘Jailhouse Rock’ with 68 million streams.

Spotify also examined where to find Elvis’ biggest fan base, with Sweden coming in as the biggest group of listeners, followed by the United Kingdom, Chile, Iceland and the Netherlands.

*Elvis listening was “normalized” by dividing his streams by all streams in a country or city.


Source: http://variety.com/2017/music/news/elvis-presley-most-streamed-songs-youtube-pandora-spotify-apple-music-1202528577/

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