GOT7 Unleashes Music Video for Comeback Song ‘You Are’

Watch the choreography for the contemporary pop song which was written by the group’s member JB with songwriters Mirror BOY, D.ham and Mun Hanmiru.

GOT7 is back with a mini album. The South Korean group released their new EP “7 for 7” on Tuesday, October 10 at 12 P.M. KST. Laced with seven tracks, the album features member participation in all of the songs.

On the heels of the album’s release, the seven-piece group has also debuted a music video for “You Are” off the new effort. The first song produced by the member, it was written by leader JB with songwriters Mirror BOY, D.ham and Mun Hanmiru. It’s a contemporary pop song with warm and fresh vibes and has hopeful lyrics.

Soon after the track’s release in the noon, the song has topped several music charts in the country. The song has shot to No. 1 on Genie, Naver Music and Mnet’s real-time charts.

JB recently revealed his inspiration behind “You Are”. “The lyrics talks about how that person being in my life has become the reason for my existence. The words can be interpreted in a lot of different ways. It could be about us and our fans, us and our parents, or two people in a relationship,” he said.

He also revealed that the song’s original title was “Beautiful Sky” because the lyrics are about a person who hopes that their loved one will be the path that guides them and how looking up at the sky when one is tired and weary will bring comforting feeling.

“I got a lot of inspiration from watching the movie ‘Your Name’ because it had a lot of scenes showing the beautiful sky,” JB went on sharing. BamBam added that the title was then changed to “You Are” after getting feedback from their label’s boss Park Jin Young.

Other songs featured in the album include “Moon U”, an urban hip-hop song composed by member Youngjae (II) (Ars) with BamBam participating in writing the lyrics, “Teenager” composed by JB, and “Firework” composed by Jinyoung. BamBam also participated in composing “Remember You”, Yougyeom composed “To Me”, and Jackson, Mark and BamBam took part in writing lyrics for “Face”.


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